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From One Affiliate To Another

by Derek Waugh Author's site

Hello to all the gang at EasyHits4U it has been a pleasure to belong to the group, and a big thanks goes out to our excellent host. This article is basically about my experience as an online marketer. Its purpose is to uplift all those that sometimes get down when their business plans, affiliate programs, or sales are not doing well. Smile, lift your chin up and press on.

I have been an online marketer for over a year now, and I didn't have a clue when I started. No really not a clue! Just over a year might not seem like much, but I am talking steady work. I researched night and day, over and over and over. If someone would have shown me what I know now, I could have put everything that I have done to this point together in under a week. Lets talk affiliates for a second because that's what I do. As an affiliate I have learned a few good points to remember. If you are just starting out use free advertising until you make enough commissions so that only your commissions are paying for your advertising. Why? Its simple, there is nothing that will stop you in your tracks as an affiliate faster then dishing out money and getting none in return. You have to keep yourself positive and upbeat, don't let your wallet beat on you. That brings me to the next point which is, when you start earning commissions from your free advertising invest some in paid advertising. Yes that's right, because now you need time to work on other affiliate program. None of us just have one or two, we have lots because in most cases commissions from one sale are low. Free advertising costs you a lot of time and that time can be spent building your business in other ways.

There is a vast number of people that would say that traffic exchanges and safelists do not work well. I disagree with this very strongly, don't listen to anyone that says they don't work because I have made money many times from both. The last point I have to make deals with most online programs. You can make a lot of extra commissions by finding these programs with a downline of affiliates which you earn a commission on when they sell a product or service. This is where a lot of money can be made and in order to do it you need a downline. This is what I am now doing now, building a downline of like minded people so that when our numbers are high enough we will be able to enter many different program in a way that makes everyone money. You have to be prepared to share ideas with others but it is all worth it.

© Derek Waugh All rights reserved.

Submitted on 06/23/2005


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