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Vote For Us At AffiliateFunnel Congratulations to our winners of the recent Surfing Contest!
Andycourse, Api, Blackzerox, Bocil, Chloec, Easyb9, Fannette911, Gisou8888, Homeadvantage, Jako, Juqiu, Kenng222, Nincsvalsag, Omicrom, Onix33, Proggie, Rudisptc78, Piroslovag, Scudups, Slavova1, Teamplayer74, Vailerio, Valri, Vakaris1, Zven received one month Premium membership each.

Some members who use Google Analytics to track visits from EasyHits4U (not the best choice to track hits actually) have noticed that length of many visits sent by traffic exchanges is usually 0-10 seconds, but our counter is set to 15-20 seconds, so what's the deal? This happens so because all single-page views are assigned to the 0-10 seconds category by Google (Official response from Google Team).

This week's buyer drawing winner is "Jthopkins" who already received 5000 bonus credits + 5000 banner impressions + 5000 text ad impressions!

For every 1000 credits you purchase, you receive one ticket for the drawing. So you get much more chances to win when you buy more credits! Drawing continues — any member who purchases at least 1000 credits is automatically entered into current drawing.
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