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Why choose sdr scripts?

* Sdr scripts is a widely used gpt aurora scripts.

* We have a support forum for future problems if ever you may encounter one!

* Sdr scripts are frequently upgraded by its creator John Terrel.

* Lots of addons are available in the market.

* Higher level security compared to other scripts.

* As an admin I have my fair share of failures and disappointment, Mostly one can associate for a buggy script! The money you save in getting a cheap script is very minimal compare to the money you will lost if someone hacks your site or a bug that unscrupulous members will abuse to gain access to your site. Therefore will cause lost of money, and worst your reputations!

Why choose to buy from me?

* Do you want to buy a gun from a person who only play call of duty? Or from a person who really knows about guns? In ptc site its the same! My experience I can share with you!

* I can share to you some tips on how earn from affiliate sites.

* I can make you an affiliate and earning a lot of money! (rehan4pk,Iamforyourajah, yutou) this are 3 of my affiliates who earn a lot of money by referring buyers to me!

* I can give you some modifications you can use to earn money.

* We can make you earn money even without sales from your site!

How much does sdr scripts costs?

* Sdr basics script only - 5$

* Sdr basics w/ template - 8$

* Sdr2 script only - 20$

* Sdr2 script w/ template - 25$

* Sdr3 script only - 45$

* Sdr3 script w/template - 60$

* upgrades to sdr2 from other script besides sdr1 and sdr2 old version - 25$

* upgrades sdr2 from sdr1 - 10$

* upgrades from old sdr2 to new 5$

* upgrades from sdr1 to sdr3 35$

* upgrades  from sdr2 to sdr3 25$

* upgrades from other scipts except mentioned above 45$

Freebies we offer!

* Free 1 month upgrade for sdr basic, sdr2, sdr3 purchases

* Free 2 months upgrade if you buy a complete package, template and scripts.

* Free support for 3 months

* Free domain if purchase complete package