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(also one reason why you should join our site, weare not reliant on sales from our site! we are earning money!)


We are offering sdr scripts: (Sdr basics, Sdr2, And sdr3) 


We also have a huge number of ptc templates to choose from, And we have web hosting for your hosting needs!

And best of all we will help you set up for you for no extra cost


As an admin of ptc sites I have fully utilized my sites potential and thus giving me great monetory rewards. 


* Get reff easy to your favorite sites

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Why choose sdr scripts?

* Sdr scripts is a widely used gpt aurora scripts.

* We have a support forum for future problems if ever you may encounter one!

* Sdr scripts are frequently upgraded by its creator John Terrel.

* Lots of addons are available in the market.

* Higher level security compared to other scripts.

* As an admin I have my fair share of failures and disappointment, Mostly one can associate for a buggy script! The money you save in getting a cheap script is very minimal compare to the money you will lost if someone hacks your site or a bug that unscrupulous members will abuse to gain access to your site. Therefore will cause lost of money, and worst your reputations!

Why choose to buy from me?

* Do you want to buy a gun from a person who only play call of duty? Or from a person who really knows about guns? In ptc site its the same! My experience I can share with you!

* I can share to you some tips on how earn from affiliate sites.

* I can make you an affiliate and earning a lot of money! (rehan4pk,yutou) this are 2 of my affiliates who earn a lot of money by referring buyers to me!

* I can give you some modifications you can use to earn money.

We can make you earn money even without sales from your site!

How much does sdr scripts costs?

* Sdr basics script only - 5$

* Sdr basics w/ template - 10$

* Sdr2 script only - 20$

* Sdr2 script w/ template - 25$

* Sdr3 script only - 40$

* Sdr3 script w/template - 50$

* upgrades to sdr2 from other script besides sdr1 and sdr2 old version - 20$

* upgrades sdr2 from sdr1 - 10$

* upgrades from old sdr2 to new 5$

* upgrades from sdr1 to sdr3 35$

* upgrades  from sdr2 to sdr3 20$

* upgrades from other scipts except mentioned above 40$

Freebies we offer!

* Free 1 month upgrade for sdr basic, sdr2, sdr3 purchases

* Free 2 months upgrade if you buy a complete package, template and scripts.

* Free support for 3 months

* Free domain if purchase complete package


Join us and be a part of a real working system!
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