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New ptc/cycler with $190,000+ Potential !!


Hi there,

This very special opportunity launched October 15th 2017.

Let me reassure you it is not a hyip that will rip you off of your money and there
is no recruiting required. But if you tell your friends you can make much more.

If you can't afford to join at the $20 entry point, you will be able to join with $0
out of pocket with the help of what is called the Clickers Chance Matrix.

Here's how the Clickers Chance Matrix works:

Every $0.50 position in this matrix is placed one after the other and form a
straight line. Every time 5 positions are bought (from any members in the world)
the position on top of Level 1 (line 1) Move to the bottom of Level 2 (line 2).
Then the position on top of Level 2 move to the bottom of Level 3 when 5
positions are entered at the bottom of Level 2. Then only 4 positions are
required to move the position on top of Level 3 at the bottom of Level 4 and 2
positions only for Level 4.This Level 4 member then receive a $20 entry into
the main matrix of this program.

This main matrix uses again a straight line pay plan and it feeds all the other
matrices called YSP(1-4) and X(1-4). These matrices are where you can make
the $190,000 + over the years.

As you will notice on almost each levels of the matrices there are  $ PTC ADS 
offered when members cycle them. These $ PTC ADS are credits that will allow

these members to place adverts on this site in the form of cash links.

Everyone will be able to click on these cash links and earn in cents.

This is how you will be able to accumulate $0.50 and join the Clickers Chance
Matrix with $0 out of pocket OVER AND OVER if you wish and get multiple
entries into the main $20 matrix over time.

You can also keep for yourself your ptc earnings and not join the Clickers
Chance Matrix but you will not be entered into any matrices if you do that and
thus won't earn a lot of $$$.

OK I won't be taking much longer of your time. The rest is self explanotary on
the site, specially click on Details on top of my site and you will see there are
much more than the Clickers Chance Matrix to keep pushing positions into the
main matrix. For example in 2018 they will add BTC mining to keep feeding new
positions into the main matrix for years and years to come so that all lines keep
paying members over and over.

Also when you read the Details page you will see members need to pay a $5
membership fee in order to withdraw. But you don't need to pay that $5 fee before
joining any matrices and you can pay this fee with your earnings later when you
have earned above $5. This $5 is used to reward sponsors, add more PTC ads
and add more Level 1 positions in the main matrix.


Just join for free HERE (your click opens in a new window) and click your way to

thousands of $$$ with Clickers Chance Matrix!


Best Regards!