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    This is the safer list of online-earning sites, you can scroll down to choose and click site names or banners to join.

Top Elite Sites(mostly over 3years)    Top Legit Sites(mostly over 1year)   Top Ongoing Sites (mostly less than one year)      

mytrafficvalue,Get paid to buy shares,play games,monitor etc.

My Traffic Value


mypayingads,120% profit.very trusted team.


clixunion,super trusted admin,high multi-level upgrade commission.sister site of guruclix

scarlet-clicks,Elite site since 2009.sister of gptplanet


expresspaid,since 2014,Your Business In Your Hands!



guruclix,high RR profit,fast payment.

gptplanet,PTC/GPT,paid to click,signup etc.


mxrevshare,ROI 110%,100% ref click.admin James Lee Valentine


cliquesteria,$0.3 sign up bonus,experienced admin.sister site of  cliquebook


merchantshares,since 2007,globally 2014.ROI 150%.


recyclix,150%,20 Euros Sign Up Bonus.


 10adspay,120%.By chief guest Payza CEO Firoz Patel.


clixten,since 2012


ventureplugtraffic,135%,back on track.


foxclix,$0.05 per click.new from legit expresspaid team.

468*60 Banner

4corners,since 2012,multi-levels,only $18 invest,promote,cashout.


billionearn,since 2014.


epicclix,get paid to click,grid,PTSU,TE etc.

myfreeshares,multimoneygroup,since 2004.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


matebux,PTC+Revshare,Unique PTC site from evo script creator.


paidverts,Long-term program.sister site of mytrafficvalue.


feclix,Get paid to click,grid,PTC wall etc.


epicbux,new from trusted andy seo,sister of epicclix.


SFI,since 1998,grow a second income.


nitronpayinvest,108% after 1 Day,4% Daily 2 years...


qosclix,free golden,unlimited refs.from patclix team.problems.

clixsense, since 2007,8 levels.upgrade $17/year.Guide click here.


alexainvest,since 2014.


zenadvert,another new site from trusted Andy Seo.

HitLeap,.The best autosurf site.Guide click here.

Traffic Exchange Autosurf


agilital,invest with confidence.


2point4daily,120%,up to 2.4% daily.3 levels.


thebuxer,Get Paid to click,PTSU,grip,PTCwall etc.


safetydepositary,since 2014.


ptc1,get paid to click,PTSU etc.


yougetprofit,Since 2013,2 levels,Sister of elite twickerz


poweradcash(new domain t4eo),125%,since 2014,Feel the power.



my24hourincome,120%,12% ref commission.No repurchase rules.


ebates,since 1998,cash back online shopping.


buxinside,legit site,unique script.


revenuecentral,up to 197%.Minimum cashout $3.00.

ebesucher,since 2002.Traffic Exchange,mail exchange etc.

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange


pokeradv,since 2015.




easyhits4u,the largest traffic exchange site for your blog or site.

The Best Traffic Exchange


compoundfund,from Jo(creator of mytrafficvalue & paidverts)



traffichurricane,110%,new trafficmonsoon.

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

extrabux,since 2006,cash back online shopping.


billionearn,since 2014.


adstimer,158% ROI,New paidverts.


fatwallet,since 2009,cash back online.

FatWallet Coupons and Deals


expresspaid,since 2014,Your Business In Your Hands!



entrepreneurunified,Real Crowdfunding.from Former MTV programmer.18%,15% 2 levels.


beruby,cash back shopping since 2007.

beruby - Cashback for all your online shopping.


mxrevshare,ROI 110%,100% ref click.admin James Lee Valentine


logic3,110% 7days,155%,175% 31 days.

get-paid,GPT,paying since July 2006. No investment required.

paid surveys


passive-earner,Next Generation Crowd-Funding Goldmine!




Google Sniper,since 2006,no.1 affiliate marketing course.


tokyoinv,since 2014.


clickintensitybiz,120%,7 levels,from Nick Johnson.


apsense,online bussiness network since 2005.


hourlycoin,since 2015,5% hourly for 35 hours,200% after 1 days,800% after 3 days.3-level commission.


patclix,fast income site.unlimited direct refs.problems.


evolutionscript,the most popular PTC script.


billionearn,since 2014.


mytrendingads,3% to 10% daily,12% ref commission.from RedzLord. 

hits4pay,earn by reading commercial emails.


DepositPortal,since 2015


CrowdRising,10 levels.$7500 per month potential in 90 days.


jillsclickcorner,From Multimoney group.



dowerly,0.2-2.5% daily,since 2015.


expressclix,third PTC from express group

ExpressClix 468

linkbucks,top link sharing site. with blogs and any website.




futureadpro,120% profit,5 levels.

linkgrand,On line and paying since 2006.PTC/PTR.



fxfortune,since 2015.


empireadvertisement,115%-135%,instant cash out.


logiptc,paying since January 2010.Warnings expire every 24hours.

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC


florainvestment,since 2014.0.35%,0.4%,0.45%,15% daily.


edelweiss5,German Company,3% daily.

mrrebates,since 2002,cash back online shopping.

Mr. Rebates


oilfundsltd,since 2015.

http://www.oilfundsltd.com - Fund Money For You!


adcrump,fast RS,130% profit,13% daily,multi-levels.

 cashcamel.net,Aurora site, online and paying since April 2011.


edu-pension,since 2015.


swissadspays,140%,$0.03 per click,10 levels.


buxp.org,since 2008.


macrobanking,since 2015.


 mytrafficbux,110%-300%,5 levels,famous admin Prem Swain.


no-minimum,Since April 2004. Part of the MultiMoneyGroup family.



adclickxpress,many years' team,paying.


grandrevshare,118%,7 levels.from long-term Grand Clickers Ltd.

adf.ly,shortened links sharing site,since 2009,.Guide click here.

welldeposit,since 2014.


xabo,150% 50 days.

points2shop,since 2007,Get paid to do the tasks.


vivabiz,since 2015.2.5% to 5.0% daily,150% ROI


edentraffic,130% Passive,100% ref click.


cashcrate,since 2006.get paid to complete survey,offers etc.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


fxfortune,since 2015.


commhubb,make history,make money.


wordlinx,10 levels deep.Since 2004.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


billionearn,since 2014.




cashpig,sister site of adfly.Get paid to click,grid,offers etc.

Guide click here.


hourlygit,since 2015.




smileytraffic,traffic exchange,manual surf,auto surf,and a small PTC section.



ethtrade,25% per month.5 levels.



logic3,110% 7days,155%,175% 31 days.


twickerz,since 2011,PTC/GPT.


billionearn,since 2014.


buxaccepted,registered company,instant payment.


you-cubez,since 2006,paid to click the "cash cubes",etc.

Internet marketing with a cube


 grandbux,great income,instant payments.

   ojooo,a well-known company from Germany.


wealthyaffiliate,Online Business Starts Here



billionearn,since 2014.


Passivefund,150%,private crowdfunding platform


evolutionscript,the most popular PTC script.

  goldenclix,Same team of silverclixadzpot, and clixdo .


grmclix,135%,12% 7 levels.


cpx24,since 2007

Cpx24.com CPM Program


buxvertise,get paid to click,wheel of bux,offers,and grid etc.



donkeymails,From Multi money group.

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout


grandclick.paid to click,grid,watch videos,PTSU,etc.


buxify,Hot PTC


leadsleap,very useful tools.


okik,Get paid to click,grid,mini jobs etc.


cliquebook,trusted&experienced admin.


oldschoolnewbody,effective solution to lose weight,prevent aging.


grandmonopoly,sister site of grandclick

   zenadvert,another new site from trusted Andy Seo.


27habits,step-by-step guide teach you 27 specific habits to change your body and life forever.


CroClix,since October,2013,paid to click...




tedswoodworking,by Ted McGrath.16,000 woodworking project plans.


ekoclix,paid to click.



fatdiminisher,hot losing weight system for men and women.


silverclix,From Golden Group(including goldenclix,adzpot,clixdo.)




getresponse,free trial,upgrade to use more fuctions.

  shortest,since 2013,link shortening site.


grandrevshare,118%,7 levels.from long-term Grand Clickers Ltd.

 forextrendy,Best Trend Scanner.

   grandclick.paid to click,grid,watch videos,PTSU,etc.


matebux,PTC+Revshare,Unique PTC site from evo script creator.

 clevergizmos,Keyword Research Software.


mypayingads,120% profit.very trusted team.



 vogenesis,Earn $300 to 1500 daily system.


forexparadise,430% return,22% ref reward.


clixunion,super trusted admin,high multi-level upgrade commission.sister site of guruclix

 diabetesdestroyer,help prevent,manage,control diabetes. 


bandeiracorp,since 2015.3-levels.



myadstory,125% profit.

takesurveysforcash,since 2011.


24pays,since 2015.


clixunion,super trusted admin,high multi-level upgrade commission.sister site of guruclix


affilorama,since 2005,affiliate training. 

   NorthClicks,from the owner of GlobalActionCash.



THWglobal,Earn Up To 25$/1 Hour.


autobinarysignals,Best Binary Options Trading Platform.since 2013.


powerfulinvest,reliable hyip.