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Frequently Asked Questions / General Questions

  1. How does this site work?

  2. Is it free to participate?

  3. How many accounts can I create?

  4. Can I refer my wife (sister, grandmother, ...) to EasyHits4U?

  5. Can I use EasyHits4U services from different devices and locations?

  6. How can I earn hits to my site?

  7. And what about your referral program?

  8. How can I refer new members?

  9. Can I earn money on your Web site?

  10. How can I receive my payment?

  11. What is Ultimate Membership?

  12. Will I lose my referrals or credits when my paid membership expires?

  13. I have no time to surf but want to receive visits to my site. What can I do?

  14. Can I submit site with Google AdSense block on it?

  15. Do you accept non-English ads?

  16. Can I promote Facebook (YouTube, Twitter, Linkbucks, PeopleString, Adf.ly, Adfoc.us) pages here?

  17. Why has my link to Link Directory been declined?

  18. My site has popup windows. Can I participate?

  19. How other users have lots of referrals and I have just 2 at the moment?

  20. Can I refer new members using spam?

  21. I have a porno/warez/cracks site. Can I participate?

  22. I've found a bug or mistake on your site.

  23. I couldn't find the answer to my question.


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