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I’m sure you have seen the rise of Revsharing
sites lately, and new one’s are created every
single dayIt’s an easy way to make a
quick buck.
OK ...
I recently came across a site with a NEW
CONCEPT called StartRevshare. New Revshare
Just-Launched by veteran member of Warrior

forum “Jens Steyaert”.
The admin is a marketer from Belgium who has
worked with a lot of people who have nothing
but positive things to say about him, which is
a good sign this will be a site to become part of.

The site works similar as other Revsharing sites,
so you can buy ad packs and they will pay you
150% back on your purchase.

So what makes this site different?
This site will allow you to create LONG TERM

The Only 100% Sustainable Revenue
Sharing Site won’t solely rely on the ad pack
sales to pay out their members, but are building
COMPLETE NETWORK of sites that generate

What does this mean?

This means that the business model is 100%
sustainable because it generates EXTERNAL
External income sources ...
Social Media Platform
Marketplace (like Fiverr)
Crowdfunding site (like Kickstarter)
Couponcode website
Search Engine
Revenue from all these platforms will be shared
among members who buy ad packs on
StartRevshare, which will create a 100%
sustainable business model (unlike other
Revshare sites).
You can start with JUST $5, and then choose to
reinvest the money and buy more ad packs
which accumulate in your account, earning you
more and more money every single day.
The payout limit is $250/day, meaning you can
buy just as much ad packs until you reach this
goal bringing you a virtually passive income
Since the concept is sustainable and here to
stay for the long run, this is a great objective
for members as that means you can say your
9-5 goodbye and live the good life.
- Ad Packs start at only $5.
150% Earnings on Ad Pack purchases.
No Referring Needed to Earn.
5% Daily Earning.
No Viewing Ads.
- Revenue is shared every hour.
25% repurchase rule.
They also pay 15% referral commissions
because they can SO MUCH REVENUE than all
other revsharing sites, they can offer the highest
referral commissions in the business.
Payment options are ...
- SolidTrustPay
- Perfectmoney
- Payeer
- Bitcoin
- Credit/debit card
Step 1 - Click on the "Meet The Admin" link to
see an introductory message from Jens along
with several endorsements from folks in his
Step 2 - Click on the "Unique Sustainable
Concept" link to learn why StartRevshare is
Step 3 - Click on "Register" to join and you will
receive a welcome message along with
instructions to join the Startpeeps social network
where we will find the latest news as the
program evolves.
Join StartRevShare
I REALLY THINK this site is a winner.
10,000 members in pre-launch phase CAN

Good luck!
Adolfo Asorlin