Alexsandro Santos

from Brazil

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May 22th, 2014.

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I work in a Reference Center for Social Assistance. Known as CRAS in Brazil, are units where we give free basic social protection services to those most in need.

I'm searching the web to find companies and persons honest that really will pay us by our activities. And thereafter, teach others how they can do the same to also get paid online. How am I doing my searches about online business?

I am joining in free and in not too expensive opportunities around the web to make some tests. In free opportunities, I will analyze the benefits in terms of products and services that the site offers to free members and if the site really offers the opportunity to free members get paid. In paid opportunities, I will analyze if the site offers a valuable product or service that justify the join fee, not only the earning potential. So I always make me the questions: What I get for this price? Will it let me glad?

I also make a search around to see what others persons are telling about the site to avoid SCAM sites (SCAM are sites that doesn't pay the members ¬.¬). But I'm not very active in any site that I join, because I spend more time online with my searches and analyses and I only can access the internet in my spare time (So, my online production is slow x.x').

So, I’m doing I.M. (Internet Marketing) with social purpose: find and test interesting and honest ways to earn money online and teach others how to do the same (By this way, I’m the guinea pig of my own laboratory :D). I never will give up!

My goal is learn and teach as many persons as I can how to earn money online, honestly. Thus, it will benefit all persons in long term. I want see more persons reaching their goals without the limitation of the financial difficulties. This is a Dream that I want achieve ASAP (As Soon As Possible). And you can do the same thing where you live.

Let's do it together! You can help me by visiting the sites that I’m promoting here, and joining through my referral links if some interest you. I found some interesting advertising tools and affiliate programs. If you have any question about them, send me a message in English or Portuguese. I’ll be happy in help you! I also would like to visit the sites that you’re promoting in EasyHits4U. Let's share experiences! Thank you for read my profile!