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Hi Fellow Entrepreneurs,

My name is Al Silva a native Californian and have lived there most of my life, it is very expensive to live in California, I now live in Sterling, Virginia….I love it here.

I have been in the shipping and receiving occupation most of my working days and really enjoy the freedom of not being tied down to an office desk.

My Dad was always a hard worker and always instilled in me as well as my three other brothers, that you always give a hard days work for an honest days pay…it gives you a clear conscience along with a good moral feeling.

I am married to a most wonderful woman who has done nothing but bring happiness into my life and together we share something so special that many marriages sorely lack today true love and friendship!

I am a deeply religious man, and can honestly say to anyone that I did not understand what the full meaning of life was meant to be until I started to read Gods Word the Bible, needless to say…. I now see things so clearly.

I have always loved the outdoors the beauty of the mountains, trees, flowers, waterfalls, beaches, oceans and seas, birds of all sorts and wildlife, a starry night, rainy days and of course bright sun shiny days. All is a wonderful and endless Manifestation of our creators love for us, providing so, so much for us humans to learn about and enjoy.

I was Mr. Athlete in high school because I loved sports, while in high school I lettered in baseball, basketball and football. I could never get enough of basketball and at 65, I still have that burning desire to play.

The business aspects of the Internet has always been intriguing to me and it has been a place for me to find rest for my mind and to also generate extra income.

I am an Internet Marketing expert and enjoy helping others become successful marketers as well, you can check out my marketing blog here Al's Aweber Automated Email Marketing Blog where you will find great quality marketing training, tips, tools and resources.

Well that is all About Me for now.

So my dear Friends always have a great and wonderful day .

Al Silva