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Hi there,

recently i joined Revenue Central - brand new worldwide fully automated unique hybrid PTC and revenue sharing site which provides the unlimited opportunities to make an online income.

Earnings opportunities at

1) View ads and earn up to $20 per ad click

Cash ads are delivered to active member’s accounts with at least 101 Revenue Points (1 RP = $0.001).

Value of advertisements which are issued to your account each day depends on the available funds from recent ad purchases and RP group which you are in.

There are 13 RP groups which are determined by RP quantity:

RP Groups at Revenue Central (RCC)

Members in each group get different value of cash ads. The value of cash ads which are released to each group daily is displayed on Group Earnings page>> 

Revenue Points (RP) are required to take delivery of cash ads. Each RP entitles to receive $0.001 worth of cash ads (1 RP = $0.001). You can increase RPs by clicking RP Ads (you receive 10 RP ads daily of total value 100 RPs) and by purchasing Bulk Ad Pack (for each $1.00 you spent 1470 RP will be added to your account).

2) Buy account upgrades to increase revenues from ad interactions

More info here>>

3) BuInvest packs to earn up to 197% ROI

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4) Buy Shares to receive lifetime daily cash dividends

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5) Refer friends & earn up to 10 % of referral commissions

More info here>>

Payment Processors - AdvCash, Bitcoin, Payeer, Payza, PerfectMoney and  SolidTrust Pay.

Minimum payout - $3.




Don't pass on special deals from me:

1/ Sign up at under my referral link and get 75% of referral commission (RCB) back.

RCB (minimum $1.00) will be paid after my cashout to your PerfectMoney or Bitcoin wallet during 24h or by sending you RevenueCentral Shares via Referral Motivation System (as you prefer).

To claim your RCB, please email me on with your username at and a method of RCB you prefer (PM / Bitcoin wallet or RCC Shares).


2/ Spend $2.00+ for buying products / services and you will receive 5 RevenueCentral's shares from me for free.

To claim your bonus, please email me on with your username at and date of registration.

 My Skype: arker13


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