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from Eindhoven, Netherlands

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I am a retired scientist/entrepreneur, aged 76. I have over 15 years of internet experience.

Since I developed my own simple FREE recruiting method, I am finally able to supplement my pension with a program called AdClickXpress (ACX). Should you decide to join AdClickXpress (using my referral link), then I will teach you my recruiting method! This method consistently gets me 2 - 3 signups every day!

AdClickXpress currently earns me about $6000/day, but that figure is rising rapidly! ACX is FREE to join and you even get $10 enabling you to buy your first $10 AdPackage, as well as a $5 signup bonus, enabling you to buy your first $5 MediaPack! Both of them will earn you 3% Daily Sales Commission (DSC) (1.5% during weekends) for 60 days! when they expire (150% ROI)!

AdClickXpress pays swiftly (Mostly within 12 hours after your making a withdrawal request) and correctly! They also pay a 10% referral commission on the purchases of your referrals, as well as 5% on those of your second level referrals!


For those of you that are in a position to invest some serious money, I can recommend an even better program that will pay you 148% ROI after 14 weeks! It is called WeBet4You. Contrary to ACX where you are required to view a minimum number of ads every day, WeBet4You is completely PASSIVE!

WeBet4You is a company that - among other things - is involved in sports betting. However the shareholdwers are not required to do any betting themselves, hence the name WeBet4You!

What makes this program great is that you buy shares at 50 Euro a share. After 14 weeks, an ROI of 148% is deposited in your bank account automatically! You do not even need to request a withdrawal!

On top of that, when you are a good recruiter, it is worth while to become an affiliate member, or even a PROFI member. Becoming an affiliate member will cost you 100 Euro/year. Becoming a PROFI member will cost you double that amount: 200 Euro/year. As an Affiliate member you will earn 6.6% referral commission! As a PROFI member, you will even earn 15.4% referral commission! So you will only need a single referral that invests some serious money and your affiliate membership fee will be well spend!