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My name is Brian Nissen. You will find me at


In addition to working as a therapist and also as a Florist in London, I am also a major Internet Marketing Geek and Graphic Designer and Bitcoin Fanatic. I built my first personal computer in 1982, at the tender age of 19. Since that time, I’ve seen the birth and development of the World Wide Web, and I’ve become a successful marketer online.


When It comes to marketing online most people go around in circles, and jump from project to project in ever decreasing circles until they quit broke and having never made any money.


There are a lot of people online selling themselves as Coaches or Mentors, but all they do is sell other peoples training, more tools, more software, and continue to drain money from the hopeful.


I learnt to avoid spending money on (or selling) training, advertising, lead generation, and all those things that people are trying to sell you right now.


To be successful you need to work through the paradigm shift that happens when you stop joining network marketing programmes just because you want to be rich or give up your job.


Any business needs to sell products and services and or investments, that are both good quality and competitively priced. You can't sell high quality goods at prices that are unrealistically expensive.

Nobody wants to buy them.


If you are not concentrating on sales to make profit, you do not have a business.


I have no promises for you. NO cheats. NO hacks. NO tricks. NO magic software. NO costs. Just a plain bit of psychology that will help you stop jumping from system to system, and start to concentrate on building a business, and making sales.


It’s not just about your personal development, and learning. You don't have to be special to be successful, you will find out that it’s all about the shift in attitude that comes from making sales to build a business.


Selling products and services online is not about being a good salesperson, prospecting to people on the phone and persuading them. Its more about developing marketing materials or using your companies marketing materials that do the selling for you.


Mostly your job as a online marketer is just to point people in the right direction to visit your website, landing page, splash page and let the marketing materials do the work for you.


You don't have to make lists of your friends and family and get them on the phone in 3 way conversations with your sponsor, if you do not have a product or service that you are happy about, you won't make sales and you won't make any money.



Let’s take this journey together!



Rgds Brian


Whatever your goals and dreams, whatever your wants and needs, timing is Everything. And this could be the time for you to start working with us. Our team is committed to wellness, and committed to you. Please visit my information hubs shown below!


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I always like to receive information from other people that's why I am here at Easyhits to make friends, and learn, my facebook is simpleandeasymarketing, where we can chat and discuss marketing strategies.


Live well...

God Bless