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from Canada

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After 30 years in Sales, Marketing, and Business, and over 15 years online, I've found what works!

I just didn't think it would be Watkins Products! ( )

Now Customers run toward me... rather than away!

By investing about 15 - 20 hours weekly over the past 7 years, I've built a Sales Team of over 700 Watkins Consultants, who are currently averaging over $100.00 an Hour in Sales!!! We have won many awards, and qualified for free trips to Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Arizona, Cancun, Peurto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Mexico, and Saint Martins in the Caribbean. The nice part is the number of our Team Members who qualify to come with us every Year! 

I have the respect of my family, friends, peers, Customers, and Team Members! That never happened with me, in any other business! People love WATKINS PRODUCTS and just need someone to buy it from!

If you're looking for a "No Hype" way to earn extra income, and even travel! I can show you how! I've helped develop numerous New Managers over the past few years and even an Executive, and I can help You too!

Brian W Hurlburt, Executive
Independent Consultant ID#342198
Call me today,Toll Free: 877-822-8463
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2011 Top Consultant & New Manager of the Year
2012 Watkins All Star Team Member
2013 Awarded Watkins 1St Place Manager Award for North America
2014 All Star, Grand Prize Trip Earner, & 1st Place Bronze Manager                                                 2015 & 2016 1st Place Silver Manager & Grand Prize Trip Winner 

Ask me how to Earn up to 47% Selling Watkins Products!!!

Call me today,Toll Free: 877-822-8463
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