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Hey, I'm sharing with you all the sites that I make money with. These are recommended sites and are paying for your work. Please send me a message if you have problems or need tips for making money with each of them. Also, contact me if you have a similar list or awesome sites that you have made some money with.

For sports fans

Here is a method for free only by picking results on sports events. I already gain over 200$ with this free site.


- by guessing the sports event outcome

- by following most successful sports tipsters on the site

- by following different free betting systems that I found on the Internet

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For all kinds of traffic and content

Try to shorten links:

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- share on social media all kind of content with a shorten link

- make a blog and shorten all your links

- try to answer questions on Yahoo Answers or similar sites


For designers and photographs

Just sell your illustrations, 

Site 1Site 2 


- look for old images on your computer and sell them

- make awesome illustrations in Photoshop

- make vector icons and logos