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I want to take a minute and reflect all that I've learned in the last few weeks in building an online income. I'll be the first to admit that it simply does NOT happen over night like I had envisioned it would. It takes time and patience and A LOT of reading. Oh man I had hoped that once I started this it would cure ALL of my problems instantly. Boy, was I wrong! Countless hours and many tedious headaches have been put into this and did I mention loss of sleep? When doing something like building a brand for yourself, even online, it takes blood sweat and tears to get it going. And even then you can't just sit back and collect an income. You have to keep updating and keep the viewers interest or it will sink. 
In building a brand for yourself you have to put your all into it. Dedicate yourself to what you are building for yourself. It all depends on how motivated you are to succeed. And for me, well I'm pretty motivated to get ahead. Never give up is my advice to you. I received some great advice from a guy that messaged me on one of the sites I have been working through the other day and his advice hit home.  "Don't Wait For Your Ship To Come In...Swim Out To It..And Lead The Pack " I strongly believe that this is what its going to take to succeed. I could not have worded it better myself. That's what I'm going to have to do. If something isnt working for you the way you need then move on to something new and fresh. Keep trying. Keep swimming. Once you stop swimming, you will soon lose it all. Everything you have worked so hard to build up so far will be gone. You may think it isn't much but you are wrong. Each day is another step forward. And one day you will make it. You will succeed because YOU can say you did it without quitting and that's something to be proud of. 
Its still a new year and only February. Get up and make those changes happen. Make something of yourself and stop letting life pass you by, Even if you never make to where you want to be. You are creating a underlying reflection of yourself that you can really be proud of by saying you never gave up and that in its self is something to be proud of. Hold your head high. You deserve nothing less. 
Ask yourself this, Do you want to be floating in a dingy watching all of the Yachts go by doing nothing about it? Or do you want to be on that Yacht doing what you can to help others along their journey that you have already walked? Sometimes all someone needs is a little boost. Reach out and make a difference. It will mean everything to them. 

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