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LuckyEthel's Fun Breaks:

Hello & a lovely warm welcome from me, LuckyEthel!! 

I'm an imaginary friend & I think too much surfing & no play makes Jack a very dull boy indeed!!  To help you regain sanity & to help stop your socks getting wet while surfing here's a list of links to my fave mad & not-so-mad stuff online for your entertainment, relaxation & assorted thingies from around

The Worldy Widely Wobbly Web (WORWIDWOBWEB).

COMING SOON...Eurovision Song Contest 2018

If you've never seen the Eurovision Contest it's like American Idol on steroids

with twice as many viewers as the Superbowl.

Here's our UK entry that will obviously win as we are so good!! the meanwhile...

MAD CATS & DOGS - we all luv a doggy or a moggy, eh?

BEST KOREAN DANCERS EVER - ISH 'coz there will be better ones!

FUNNY & CUTE PANDAS - falling over and not washing up and stuff!!

LuckyEthel's YUM Breaks:

DREAMY COTTAGE PIE - How to get fat in your sleep!!

CREAMY CHOCCY CAKE - How to get fat without sleep!!

LuckyEthel's TV Breaks:

My Fave Detectives: 

Murder, She Wrote - (Jessica Fletcher solved 274 murders making her the most dangerous person on the planet to have living next door!!  And anyway she never wrote it, she typed it, so it's all a lie from the start) - USA

Meerduck Mysteries - (Actually, now I come to think about it, it might be called Murdock Mysteries, but that ain't half boring) - Canada

Doctor Blake Mysteries - (He used to be Craig MacGlochlan or somethink or other but he feels better now!!) - Orstralia

Sheeluck Shirl - (Sherlock Holmes, really, but we just know he hates being called, Shirley!!) - UK

And Finally........

My Mate, Bert Lives Here - here's my old man's site - he made me put it here - ain't he mean, eh?