Carl Kinney

from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America

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Former Certified Chef. Currently promoting the source site: DigiSoftPayliners, Legal Shield, The Ad Viralizer....and several others.  Would love to know others take on these sites and their potentials. My plans are to learn and teach members how to integrate, interact and express more of their network capability and capacity on the web. I treasure offering services and goods that people REALLY NEED to become profitable grow their business being satisfied upon a good bottom line return investment. Getting answers, learning and re-learning, and oftern unlearning in this ever-changing market place. The internet at this point looks to be a mainstay and my goal is to adapt with it, giving value whenever and whereever its needed.

These are some of the updated sites that I have been working, feel free to browse them, and above all, take time creating massive action in whatever you endevours.

Thanks, Carl Kinney >>>> My Tool Box