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The SafeZone combines all the best of PI and Unicorn Network; And in
more than that, the SafeZone is open to All Websites or Business
who want to join us, as long as they meet the requirements
our confidentiality, security and quality.

You will understand why EVERY user wants to be in the
SafeZone, and why EVERY company wants to be in SafeZone

It is important that you understand this.

So let's talk about the Internet.

You know that people around the world use the Internet and
what they do most is chat with friends, send
e-mails, reading news, shopping, sharing photos,
watch videos, search for info, and they educate themselves.

But they mainly use free services on the Internet;
on websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter,
eBay, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many, many more.

Generally, it's cool and nice, yes-a lot of services
free; but unfortunately these companies, or many of them
enterprises, are based on data mining, construction
profiles, and the sale of data to others.
companies. And unfortunately, you will often find on these sites,
false products, false stores, false news,
false ads, and lots of viruses and malware.

And it gets even worse. There is what is called the Darknet (or the
Web dark), where people sell drugs, (illegal) weapons,
fake documents, stolen credit card details, addresses
e-mail accounts and e-mail accounts with passwords, where you
can buy entire identities; and of course, where you can
buy, viruses and malware

So, unfortunately, the bad guys on the Internet created the Grayzone
(the Gray Zone), from where these guys send spam emails, and where
they are trying to hack into our accounts; where they spread viruses and
malicious software; and from where they try to sell products
counterfeit goods, or create fake shops entirely, where they spread
so-called ransomware (viruses unblockable against
ransom) - in two words, where they try to defraud and steal.

How do they do? They get from the Darknet lists
emails, passwords and software they need. They
send us spam emails. They create fake shops
online. They hack databases. They do all this to
create traffic to their websites, and stolen money and data
stolen disappear into the Darknet.

When you talk with any Internet user, they
will confirm that it is exactly like this. It's the Internet,
until now. But, because of all the beautiful things you
can do on the Internet, we are in a kind of compulsion to
to "live with" the bad things. This is OUR aim of you
provide all the pleasant things, WITHOUT the bad things.

They want more confidentiality; and in the best case,
safe, maximum confidentiality. They want maximum security.
They want the protection of malicious software, and they want
be able to make secure payments over the Internet.

The SafeZone with our PERNUM system gives the user
Maximum confidentiality, maximum security,
protection against malware, secure payments, draws
free lotteries, free coupons and discounts

The SafeZone is accessible "by invitation only.
To enter the SafeZone, you need a Pass Code.
The good news is that as a member we have the opportunity to offer
pass codes.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me to get 1.

I hope you will understand that this is a real revolution