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LEO (Learn Earn Own) markets its products through eLearning, eTutoring, Live
Seminars and Technology Products platforms, to customers in Europe, Africa,
Middle East, South Asia, and China initially.
Dan Andersson – CEO and co- founder has 23 years experience in the industry,
having begun his working life as a carpenter. Together with his friend and partner
Atif Kamran he launched LEO to be everything that he had learned and everything
he had never found.
In the last ten years Dan Andersson has been worked from Vice-President to
President of a Global MLM, and has now acheived his lifetime dream of forming his
own Global MLM business. At the Launch event LEO had leaders representing 35
different countries, and for a company just launching, filled 2,500 seats.
Atif the co-founder has been responsible for a customer base in excess of 6 million
in his last company, and has worked with Dan for nearly ten years.
LEO has offices in UK (Head Office), Dubai (Regional Head Office), and Hong Kong,
and subsidiaries either already established, or well underway in another 10
countries. Leo has distributed many thousands of technology products including
tablets PC's, and other electronic memory devices, incorporating e-learning
The company launched a fully fledged world class learning management system, 10
years in development with millions of pounds invested, offering courses from
accounting to IT skills, including professional qualifications and market leading
LEO is probably one of the most transparent companies in the industry, publishing
full corporate details on the website at www.welcometoleo.com , the company has
one of the most robust corporate infrastructures especially when it comes to
payments in and out, having multiple options for each country.
Dan Andersson: “We are about helping you create your own business,
about helping you become free. By helping you, we help your family,
your community, and ultimately, your country. This is LEO’s
mission: Service to mankind through unleashing human potential.”
"LEO was designed from the base up to address the need for entrepreneurship,"
says Dan. "Our business model is within the name itself, Learn Earn Own.
The majority of people want to work for themselves, but only a minority does.
Why? Either because they lack information or knowledge, or lack courage or
motivation, or finally, do not have the start-up seed-capital. Of the few who do
launch a business, even fewer succeed. Our products teach people how to be a
successful entrepreneur, the business model provides an earning platform, and,
ultimately, we act as angel investors for the ideas that come out of our students.


Believe it or not
There are real people who make in access of £25,000 a week. Its not rocket science, its not centuries old secret recipe, it is all about being in the right place at the right time.




Just over a year ago, two men saw a dream of helping people, around the globe, to shape up their lives.
Today LEO has members’ base in over 80 countries using its educational products. If you are someone who like to promote real life education in the real world click below to discover how you could be part of this larger than life opportunity of helping others.


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