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Hi All!

My name is Ella :) 

Interests: Reading, Writing, Meditation, Tattoos, Piercings, Motorcycles, Food (Asian food), Online Marketing, Movies, Music, Animals, Psychology, Self Development, Creating multiple streams of income, Art, Roller coasters, Camping, Drums, Longboarding, Cooking, Debates, Video games, FOREX.... 

I love connecting with like minded individuals especially the one's who are looking to make money, have fun and making a difference! Woot! 

I love creating multiple streams of income and I have a passion in helping others develop into leaders and chasing their dreams. 

Currently, I am learning about Forex and making a substantial amount in it as I continue to improve my skills. I am creating a site for new forex traders that eliminates all the complex terminology to provide a very simple and basic way to learn forex. I will be providing the link soon!

I am also working on a Feeder Program to help other Network Marketers/Affiliates/Online Marketers etc who have struggled with recruiting like countless of others. The business start up is ONLY $1.25! That's 5 QUARTERS! We have all of the tools, support and training provided. For more information visit: www.INEEDANEXTRAINCOME.com

I love getting to know people so don't be afraid to connect or message me :) Looking forward to getting to know you! Find me on FB and Instagram @ella.sayson