Timothy Eller

from Summerville, Georgia, United States of America

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WELCOME!!    I'm Timothy Eller, and I've been married to my lovely wife Wanda for 22 years!!  Like many of you, I've been with many different so called "Home Based Businesses" that promised me the world, but most never even came close and they actually put me further into debt!  If my story sounds familiar, and you are truly ready to be successful, WE commit to helping you do JUST THAT!  

Maybe you are looking to SAVE money every month as you make your home SAFER,  or maybe to EARN supplemental income from home (bridging the monthly income GAP between paychecks that many of us used to have to deal with), or maybe you are looking for a Career Replacement to take your LIFE BACK!  Either way, we're glad you're here and we really believe you will like what you see!  

We can't help if you are looking for a "JOB", because we thankfully have partners  and not employees now.   However, if you'd like the flexibility of working from home either part time or full time, and you need a strong "Mentor Team" to help you do that, our next step is to get you more information.  We host online information sessions with videos and powerpoint slides ("webinars") that clearly show the "how" and "why" partners here are realizing the financial success they are.  

The type of individuals that do well as we form this team or partnership are people who are Self Motivated, who work well in a Team Setting,  and who are Driven to do MORE than the "minimum required to get by".  They are probablyNOT satisfied with "punching a timeclock" and having no real Retirement to look forward to, and they are tired of the ever present reality of business layoffs and "cutbacks".  They are people who want more out of life, and they are committed to investing the effort and making the changes they want to actually HAPPEN!    As you will see in the 12th Video below, the recurring monthly income for an individual willing to invest the effort with us is uncapped.  

 let's talk soon!  

Tim  Eller
Summerville, Ga