Veneranda Nikwigize

from MONTREAL, Canada

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My Name is Veneranda Nikwigize. I live in Canada

I love people and I like to share with them what I do. It's fascinating!

I started  MLM  business offline and I ended up to Online with Attraction Marketing.
I help other Internet Marketers to connect and market their businesses with modern tools; such as Attraction Marketing, Personal Branding, Social Media, and more.

Network Marketing is about building relationships, helping others, and building a team.
Working as a team, and sharing what I know allow me to be successful.

Not only I do have to reach people who are interested in what I do, I also give away valuable tools and services to them. This creates the leverage that is needed to see any kind of success. Everything here is free and you don't have to buy anything unless you want to.

Stop struggling with your current network marketing company, start sponsoring more people into your particular company, help people to feel great and  start making money, more money with your business. Be passionate to complete your daily tasks. 

Any questions you may have, pick up the phone and call me! I'd love to connect with you, see where you're at with your business, and see what my team and I can do to help.  You can send me a note at

You're invited to click on the LINK here:

I guarantee that our company, our team, and proven sytem we use will change your way to see a new lifestyle. I'm a real person who will show you what your competition doesn't what you to know.

Welcome to my Success Team.