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Hi there,

Basically, I’m an online entrepreneur and along my journey I have come across many   strategies and methods on how to earn online. NOWI’m going to share my BEST and most trusted programs with you.


EasyHits4U is one of the best website of recruiting at present, you cannot earn from only website. I combine it with TrafficWaves. Basically, trafficWave automatically send reminders, updates and information in which I involved.

As a result I am consistently getting 20-30 signups every month! I am using this method also as an incentive for my prospects to join my income generating programs like e.g. TrafficMonsoon, TripleThreat, TrafficWave etc.. When you join any or all of these programs (They are FREE to join) using my referral link, I willteach you my recruiting method! FREE!


  1.       TrafficWave

This is a program I just joined 4 months ago! It has great potential! Minimum investment is just $17.95 a month. Just recruit 3 referrals (I’ll even put paid members under you) and your monthly membership fee is waived. This has an amazing compensation plan where you have the potential to earn 5 figure income every month. I am targeting earnings of $10,000 / month by the end of 2016.

I use the autoresponder features to promote my other programs. The whole system is automated and I will train you free of charge on how to build your downline and start earning from multiple streams. 

Why not join for free and I will pay for your first month’s subscription, just drop me a note and mention Easyhits4u.

Join with the link provided and connect with me on skype (haseebahmad478) and start your free training.


Just think of it as though you’re spending $17.95 on your education. I GUARANTEE you will not get Online marketing training for what I am offering it for!

  1.       TrafficMonsoon

The ad pack program of traffic monsoon is the most profitable. I have earned a lot of money and still earning from it. It is the best and most trusted program. Basically, it traffic exchange website and they share the revenue with its members if you purchase ad pack. At the moment it is the most trusted, well reputed and most stable program. IF YOU SIGNUP IN THE NEXT 3 DAYS USING THE LINK BELOW I WILL GIVE YOU 10% OFF YOUR INITIAL PURCHASE SO HURRY TIME IS LIMITED.


It is FREE to join and - at the moment – I will give you 10% on your initial ad pack purchase. Just drop me a note and I will transfer the amount into your account.

If you don’t want to invest your money there are the Cash links available which pay well. Why not recruit referrals and start earning from every single purchase. Join now for FREE and I will show you how.

  1.       TripleThreat

This program is a real goldmine. Adpacks start at just $5 and will pay up to 150%. You even get 10% commission from your referrals.


  1.       EarningTraffic

This program has just lunched so it’s the perfect time to get started. I have already withdrawn some money within 2 weeks, that’s pretty amazing. It’s paying close to 3% daily so it’s stable and trustful program.


  1.       MyPayingAds

This program is well established and stable. I am earning just under $10 dollars a day from this, it’s paying well and has no history of payment issues. Why not join now to start earning, with ad packs starting from just $1