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I'm Dutch but reside abroad in the Philippines.

I married a girl and bought 1,5hect land where I grow 1088 Trees of Nescafe (coffee) in the mountain tops with a beautiful view of Angel Fall, Sun Valey. In another city I have another piece of land where I grow 650 trees for rubber. dripping every day.

I learned long ago, never put all your eggs in the same basket.. lol

Basically the money I make online, I provide for my stay here in this wonderful country.

check out the link it has a picture, On top of that mountain in the distance, That's my land! In the middle between the 2 humps, on the back of the mountain,, mm Wait that sounds like a woman I'm describing hahaha


I advise you to take a leap of faith yourself and leave your prison behind. Im talking about the prison of the mind, with its mind games of despair and attachments of all kinds.if you feel that way, why not change it? the universe will unfold itself as you go on your path 😉 ;)

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you should enjoy life

Be the change you want to see in others and you change the WORLD!