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One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies, OneCoin, officially announced it will improve usability and market capitalization by increasing the amount of coins available and using a faster and more secure blockchain. These business-savvy changes will be made on 1. October, 2016 and were announced at the CoinRush Global Event in London with 4,000 people in attendance.

“Our goal has always been to make cryptocurrency a real, borderless method for transactions and these changes will bring us much closer to that goal. As OneCoin sets the cryptocurrency industry standards for transparency and usability, we will continue to grow together as a powerful, unstoppable network”, said OneCoin founder and visionary Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

To allow for a growing merchant network and increase the value of the coin, Dr. Ignatova announced the number of OneCoins available to be mined will go up to 120 billion in October. The main reason for this change is the high demand in coin mining, which creates a 2- or 3-month backlog on receiving coins. The new blockchain will significantly reduce the wait time.

A key tool in tracking and tracing value, OneCoin’s blockchain has always been tailored for future-proof mass transactions and allows for more transactions than credit card providers. OneCoin’s new blockchain will however, for the first time in the history of cryptocurrency, safely store users’ Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documents and run every single minute.

“We don’t want to be in the Top 3 anymore. We are now aiming for Number 1. That means we need the biggest market capitalization, usability and highest number of users, and I believe we are already at the top when it comes to users. Our goal is to reach 10 million people and 1 million merchants within the next 2 years. To achieve that, these changes to our system were necessary”, stated Dr. Ignatova.

Additionally, the OneCoin founder and visionary told the crowd in the SSE Arena, Wembley that all current Members will have the number of their OneCoins (mined until 1. October, 2016) doubled, as a token of appreciation to everyone who believed in the OneCoin concept from the start. However, Dr. Ruja Ignatova quelled rumors about a possible depreciation in coin value. “We do not expect a steep price movement after these changes. Cryptocurrency value is driven by supply and demand, and demand is driven by brand and usability. By creating more coins, we will be able to bring the coin to more people and places and strengthen the brand”, she added.