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The Boring Intro

Hi everyone  been involved in online marketing for about 2 years but had to go on a hiatus to deal with marriage prep. I'm 25 years old and born and raised in London, UK. Always been fascinated with marketing (both offline and online) but due to responsibilities couldn't focus too much on it.


The Slightly More Boring Content Part

I love fighting, trained in Muay Thai, British Boxing and Filipino Martial Arts . I enjoy playing games (aint picky on console but prefer portablility due to convenience) but recently haven't had much time to play anything  so depressing xD but I guess that's just life...gotta learn to make compromises (been hearing that a lot recently xD).

The Serious (but maybe even more boring) Aims and Objectives

My aim in online marketing is to create an affiliate system in order to piggyback from other successful sites as I believe to always have atleast 0.01% caution, even if the business model is sound as we cannot predict what the future holds (natural disasters or even the business owner dying!) which'll ensure multiple streams of income aswell, if one does (God forbid) go under, the other's will still provide a steady flow of income. This is my aim. And I am very meticulous in studying a business prior to joining (maybe too meticulous xD) but this is to ensure that the people who I refer run into the least amount of problems as possible whenever they join any business recommended by me. I want to provide the best support possible to anyone who wishes to join me  (there is a major need of 1:1 support in this business) and ultimately to have fun! What's the point of having your own business if it bores you to death xD?

Thank you for taking your time in reading this  really appreciate it.

Have a good one!