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[21C The third big bang] - Flye Smart Card More Destructive Than The iPhone(Coming Soon)
​​Krisztian Bellak, Take the opportunity of big bang.
Flye smart card real picture.[Please check the attached file]
It's called a credit card, but it's a computer.
[Smart computer with integrated rechargeable wireless mobile ultra-thin monitor]
Due to this Fly Smart Card, in 2018, the super big bang will happen.
If you own this card, you can get a 20-30% discount for every consumer spending anywhere in the world.
In addition, 20 to 50% of the amount you spend is immediately rewarded and can be used immediately like cash.
Anyone with a card will be able to purchase all services or products at less than 50%, 
so salary will rise by more than 50% and everyone will use the Flye smart card.
We receive a sales revenue of $ 20 per card through our business selling only one card in this world.
Every time a cardholder spends his / her consumption, he / she receives 0.75% of pensionable income.
Examples; Assuming one person spends $ 1,000 a month ...
If one member, $ 7.5 per month revenue.
- you have 10 members, you earn $ 75 per month.
- you have 100 members, you will earn $ 750 per month.
- you have 1,000 members, you earn $ 7,500 per month.
- you have 10,000 members, you will earn $ 75,000 per month.
>> This revenue is generated whenever every consumer in the 5th generation(LEVEL) spends. <<
It is an item that can be sold much more easily than a mobile phone. 
It is much more profitable than a mobile phone, and because there is only one item in the world, once you buy a card, you use it for a lifetime. .
Krisztian Bellak,  Work from home and enjoy the benefits of a home based business opportunity.
The company is one of the largest home-based direct selling companies in the world focusing on travel club experiences and memberships.
The company creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for men and women.
The company combines the best of ecommerce, social media, personal service and a passion for entrepreneurship to create the ultimate home or mobile-based business.
The company currently has more than 100,000 independent agents in 22 countries.
The company is create fun, freedom and fulfillment through unique life experiences, entrepreneurship, personal development and contribution.
World Travel Club;
Travel Club Experience;