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I help business owner to understand and use modern technology to grow their business. Besides general marketing and SEO methods and tips I provide my customers with Mobile and Apps Marketing strategies as well as with Social Media presence on the market. Building mobile sites and apps, organizing sms campaigns, video marketing etc. and seeing my client's business growing is very rewarding. If you need an advice or consultation about this topic just drop me a line and we will take it from there. Please ask me about mobile directories. I can list your business for free.

Here is a brief description of what I am talking about:

* Mobile Marketing - building mobile sites, marketing them, SMS marketing to help businesses sell themselves, CPA etc

* Apps Marketing - building and marketing apps for businesses

* Social Media Marketing - helping business owners to get their product or service in front of million potential customers using the power of Social Media which includes FB, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ etc strategies and methods

* Consulting and marketing services to app developers and mobile marketers (a very rare service you can come across to)

* Consulting services for business owner. What, How and Why you have to use these modern technologies to maintain and grow your business

Here I'd like to show my recent work. For obvious reasons I have removed all my clients' details. For best viewing use this mobile site previewer or use your smart phone.

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