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My career in this industry has been quite the ride over the course of 11 years. I have been through the learning curves, through the successful moments, through partnerships with many great people, through hardships and the stressful times. -- People have loved me, and I've loved them back. People have disagreed with me and I've disagreed with them back.

This industry has taught me to be in business not for just the money, but for the people.

I've done work for some of the most successful online affilaite marketers in the industry, I've also done work for the smaller guys just getting started.

I've been apart of launching many programs, some which are still here today. Such as Shockwave Traffic, Traffic Fusion and helped at the beginning stages of CoopMG.

In my faith, I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is my drive and the reason why I wake up in the morning - He is the one I go to for advice and when asking for wisdom. I bring Him with me to everything in life, including work and in the business field. I must have Him to succeed or overcome anything in life.

God also gave me an incredible fiance which I proposed to in Ecuador on a mission trip. She is my drive to work and to create a better future while I stay here on earth.

Shes the one in the picture with me :)

What can I say, I've had mixed feelings about this industry off and on through the years. I have concluded that all the times I've been negative about it, were only what I was thinking at the time, and it is what you make it out to be for yourself, such as anything you do in life.

I have decided to be obiedieant to my Lord, Jesus Christ, and become a positive model for this industry.

Conducting business with morals, trust , faith in others, and praying without cease. However, with wisdom in decision making, smart tactics and choosing wise people to do business with.

I enjoy working with people who are slow tempered, good listening , careful planning and wise thinkers, who do NOT take action on something , or say something without first thinking of what it causes, as I have learned from this in the passed, including my personal actions.

So, with all that being said. I am Eric Abbott, maker of EPIC videos, world traveler, missionary, full time affiliate marketer, and professional brand builder.

I hope you get in connection with me soon!
Thanks for reading.

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