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Greetings Everyone,

I'm elated to announce I have partnered with WYP Network and their passive business model.  To my team and all of you who I have worked with in the past, trust me when I say, “it has been a privilege and an honor growing professionally with each of you.”  For most, we have experienced some amazing moments and made ourselves, as well as others, quite successful. 

As we all know, this Company has a very different and much needed approach and delivery.  This has been a business decision that my family and I have found to be in the best interest of our future.  Thank you for all the memories and I wish each of you well in your current and future endeavors. 

Best Wishes,

Alexianna C. 

(701) 901-1285


PS: If you too decide to partner with WYP Network, let me be the first to say, “congratulations on making a wise evaluation and aren’t you glad the recruiting and marketing debacle has finally come to an expected end?”

You + $72 = $1.9MShhhhh... NO reason for you tell anyone about this Business Model!  

  • NO Marketing
  • NO Recruiting
  • NO Referrals
  • NO Selling