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Glen Woodfin has been a website designer for 10 years and has focused on SEO & online reputation management. He was the paid search engine consultant to the Ron Paul campaign for President and currently offers creation of websites for $200 to $600.

He was a full-time network marketer in Amway for 10 years for the decade of the 90s and used old school relationship marketing before the internet became so mainstream.

Glen is most interested in connecting with those passionate about online marketing from all over the world and speaks limited Spanish. (Offering Affordable Website Design & SEO) (An Informal Review of SEO Successes. There Are 2 Audios: In One Godaddy Gives Invitation to Speak to Company. And Another Is a Discussion of Glen's SEO for Adam Curry of MTV & John C Dvorak of PC Mag. A Video of ABC News Mentions a Site Woodfin Did SEO for About Chelsea Clinton) ( Interview on Glen Woodfin's Online Reputation Management by a NY Times Bestselling Author & Presidential Advisor, Doug Wead)