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from Copenhagen, Denmark

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Hello to you all, Greetings from Denmark.

As you can see above, my name is Jesper, born and raised in Denmark.
From a very early age, I knew that one day, I would have my own business, which became a reality when I was 19 years old (28 years back, ho that makes me 47 years young)

My first company was a construction company, that for several years went very well, but crisis comes and goes and so does companies including my company.
So for some time I was working (JOB) in the restaurant segment, but was burning with eager, to get back in my own business.

That was the time were I was presented for my first MLM company (Quorum back in 1994)
Fast forward to today and several MLM/NM companies later, I can now say, that I have been working from home or wherever there is a Internet connection "full-time" since 2002.
I have build organizations in Europe, USA, Asia and not to forget, a couple of partners in South Africa. Therefor Skype and WhatsApp are must have tools for me, for optimal support for my teams.

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