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Retired from Army. Retired from commercial pilot job.

Now enjoying full time Internet marketing.

Two most important things we must check in any online business site.

  1. Reliability - It should run and grow for a long time.
  2. Sound earning plan - Even small earnings from multi level of referrals is more powerful as it grows exponentially.


My Online Business

  1. All In One Profits (AIOP) I had joined it in Feb 2012 and quit after 3 months (A big mistake). In Aug 2017 I again joined. 
  2. Futurenet - The only social site that pays you
  3. BTChamp2 - Fully automated 2x5 matrix with one time BTC 0.002. I am promoting my downlines link.
  4. PIFExplosion - Advertising site with 3x15 matrix. Costs only $4.9 one time. I am in it since 2012 and have made much more than I spent 

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