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The first most important part of my life is God. He is the key to my health,  spiritual, emotional and physical.

Oh, the most second most important is family. Our Son is in the  United States Navy.

And third is my online life.

I retired from the USAF 20+years ago. I completed my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology (MSCP), then worked at a non-profit counseling family violence perpetrators. 

I opened my private practive: DBA  as "Conflict Resolutions Counseling".

From closing "Conflict Resolutions" I bumbled around temp agencies, until Ovarian Cancer in 2004.  My seventh Birthday will be in Oct, 2011.

I love learning branding and promoting. Social programs/surfing traffic exchanges. I market physical products/affiliate programs. My latest marketing passion is a company called Xooma Worldwide products. I had NO idea of the importance of the acid-alkaline balance in the body. A consistent income is important to our physical/emotional health. My Income site will be:   patsyjpayne.info


Several people mentor me: e.g., Robert Blakely, Brenda Broyles, Cory Crab, Lisa Simpkins, Craig Caron.

I recently started as a Virtual assistant.

How does this help you? I discovered my passion of helping people: problem-solve, stress management.  My focus in helping people is productive behavior when angry. anger. Stress management techniques are critical to our health.. I believe that humor is very important in our lives. Past mistakes have taught me present/future success. I am learning the appropriate marketing techniques. My blog is: patsyjpayne.com

Kewl. I have worked many social programs from yahoo chat to Yuwie to SWOM, to APSense to Sweeva to Thumbvu.

Questions, skype me (patsyjpayne).