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Referrals thanks to free banner advertising - how is it possible?

I am getting every day in average 37 banner/text clicks completely for free. It is a great way how to promote my favorite program and get free referrals.


So, how did I achieve that?

I found a bitcon ad network which gives every day 500 - 3,000 satoshis for free. You can use the satoshis to display your ad (banner or text ad) on thousands of websites. Even 500 satoshis is enough for at least 5 days of network advertising.


What are the steps to make?

  1.  Create a free account here
  2. Click the "Visit faucet" link. You will randomly get 500 - 3,000 satoshis.
  3. Use the satoshis to setup a campaign. You can choose from a banner campaign or textlink campaign.
  4. You can claim more satoshis every 24 hours. I am claiming them every day to get a lot of advertising (and more referrals).