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Yes, Anyone Can Make Money Online

by Steve Eberhardt Author

Hi there, my name is Steve Eberhardt. I'm a carpenter, photographer, surfer, online business owner and single dad.

First off, I would like to say the reason why I have written this article is to motivate and inspire ordinary (just like me), unskilled or skilled people to have a crack at making money online by giving my experience as an example. It doesn't matter what your background is, whether you are highly educated or not, rich or poor, single, married, a parent or retired. Everyone has the opportunity and ability to make money online.

Regarding myself, I live in Australia on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and have been in the building industry all my working life for over 25 years. Having gone through a divorce and dealing with child custody issues, the pressures of life were building every day. That's not to mention the down turn in the construction industry and the lack of work in my area. Having to travel to work in other areas was my only option to "keep afloat" and proved to be a big strain on relationships and family.

They say that "necessity is the mother of invention", which proved true in my case. I really needed to re-invent myself and the way I was thinking. I no longer wanted to struggle financially, work longer hours, travel constantly away from home, or be away from my son and family. In fact I wanted to work less and do it from home, do the things I love, such as surfing, photography, travel, and off-course building for myself, not for others.

That's why I looked seriously about making money online, as I knew I couldn't achieve my goals by staying on the course I was in presently. Yeah, but it's overwhelming, right, when you see all the ads promising six figure incomes, fast money for little effort. As soon as I saw any of that, I discounted it straight away. Then digging deeper I started to see some honest and ethical companies offering programs that made sense. Just like when you start constructing a building, you need to start with a solid foundation. Fail at this initial stage and the whole building will fail no matter what effort or money you put into the construction. Here is an awesome way for you to construct a solid foundation that will enable you to generate making money online successfully.
  1. A clear understanding of does and don'ts regarding the industry.
  2. Ongoing and up to date instruction as the industry shifts and evolves.
  3. Support and connection with other people in the community.
  4. Clear strategies and goals to reach for.
  5. Affiliation with reputable companies and products.
  6. Proven formulas that work, provided by reputable leaders in the industry.
  7. And of course they must be honest, reliable and ethical.
How has this benefited me? Well, though I'm not making millions a year, I have slowly built my business to the point now that I have a reliable steady income that I generate 24/7 that pays me every week and will continue to increase with time. I currently work 25 hrs a week in my online business and have reduced my time working in the building industry. Yes it takes time I admit, but the rewards are awesome. Constant income that builds, more YOU time, less work hours, more time with my family, and pursuing my hobbies and interests. Soon I will be launching my photography online business which I could not have been able to do before.

Planning and education is the key. Lay a solid foundation to build your online business on, and keep your focus on your goals. I hope this article has motivated and inspired you to get off your butt and turn your dreams into reality. I wish you all the best in your new adventure and all the success.

© Steve Eberhardt, All rights reserved.

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Submitted on November 7, 2011