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Backlinks Are Key To Any Online Marketer's Success

by Lee Albins Author

Any Internet marketer will tell you that in order to be profitable, you need to get interested people to look at your offers. Many Internet marketers use Google Adwords or some other kind of pay per click marketing to get site traffic. One thing you must understand is that you don't have to spend cash in order to attract web site traffic. Backlink building is a terrific way to attract web site traffic and sell products. Nowadays backlink building is seen as an important part of any marketer's strategies because of the potential that is behind this method.

Firstly, let me explain precisely what a backlink is. A backlink is a link that points from one site to another. In your case, you would want to build backlinks on other websites that point back to your site or money page. Virtually all of the major search engines use backlinks as a means of figuring out how relevant your website is to specific keywords. This means that when you are building your backlinks, you want to use anchor text that explains what your website is about.

Now that you know how important backlinks are, you must know how to start building them. When it comes to building these backlinks, you can discover loads of different ways to accomplish it, but we are going to let you in on the two primary methods to build these links.

One backlink building method that has been used for years is the method of submitting your URLs to web site directories. A web site directory is just what it sounds like: it is a directory that lists web sites. The way this works is that you submit your site to a directory with a title and a description of your web site along with the URL of the website. The title will end up being a keyword targeted link to your website so you will want the title to be a keyword you are targeting. As soon as your web site is listed in the directory, you have a backlink to your website. There are plenty of directories online that you can submit your site to free of charge.

Article marketing is one more way that people start building these types of links to their sites. Although the method of building links in this manner is quite simple, the amount of time involved can be bit much. You just write an informative article on the topic of your website and submit the article to article directories. Within the article itself or in the resource box, you include a keyword targeted link back to your website. When possible, create different versions of your article to be submitted to the different article directories. This helps make the value of the link in the article higher.

Although you can find other methods to build your backlinks, try not to rely on any black hat methods because they can truly hurt your rankings. There are software programs online that can help you generate backlinks to your site. Make sure you are purchasing quality software. While these software programs can help you, there are software packages online that are just worthless.

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Submitted on July 3, 2011