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The Benefits of Ezine Article Marketing

by Holly Crosgrey Author

Do you need to market your website? Article marketing is an excellent method to do so. What is article marketing? First you write a quality article about the business you are promoting on your website and then you submit it to article directories all over the web. When people read your articles they will know you are an expert and go to your website.

Consider a person who reads an article that you wrote which resulted from the tremendous amount of research you did on a certain subject. You were thorough and precise in your writings. What would the person reading your article think? In most cases they would be very pleased and excited about having found this article and they would then look to see who wrote it and want to go to your website to find out more about you.

This is the power of article marketing. When you publish well written informative articles you will get people coming to your site and looking at what you are offering. How do these people find your site? They click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the article or within the body of the article that links back to your website. This creates a link back to your site and further increases traffic.

As well as having people come to your website after reading your articles, you actually have a backlink in those directories will tells Google that your site is important. The more backlinks you have the more important you appear to Google and you raise up in the rankings.

In order to submit articles to a website you can search for article directories and submit manually or you can purchase a website submitter program such as Submiteaze. These programs, and there are many out there, will submit advertisements to advertisement directories resulting in back links to your website and also send out articles to articles directories. Submissions go much quicker when you use a program. If your main focus is article submission using Unique Article Wizard has excellent features that provide for multiple articles being submitted, each worded slightly different but on the same subject.

Eventually what happens when you submit your article to an article directory submitter that article gets sent all over the web, over and over again. Other directories will get ahold of your article and add it to their directory. Eventually your backlinks increase again and again.

A website itself needs to be optimized with keywords, meta tags, great content, etc. A combination of website optimization and article directory marketing creates an excellent beginning to having your website traffic grow.

Keywords are also very important. You will need to have many relevant keywords on your website and in your articles. Most importantly ensure that when you create your hyperlink in your articles linking back to your website that the link is created with a keyword. As an example, if you are selling cars then you would have a keyword for the word "cars" which links back to your website. Google will see that backlink and it will send people to your website that are searching the keyword "cars". The more specific your keyword the better.

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Submitted on March 14, 2011