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Common Traffic Exchange Mistakes

by Jesse Grant Author

Let's face it. Traffic Exchanges are great. Especially if you are properly making use of them. But since many people using them are new to internet marketing or new to marketing their business online they are expected to make mistakes and overlook stuff. Here is a little list of things people should consider when using a traffic exchange:

Many people think they only get site credits. You earn site, banner and text credits. Typically each traffic exchange has a ratio for each. So within 2 pages surfed within a manual traffic exchange you may earn a site, banner and text credit.

People do not add text ads. Add text ads as they are just as important and often times have less "banner blindness" so they may get more attention. Upgrade your memberships upon the "One Time Offer" Deals most manual traffic exchanges offer upon logging in. You will save Boatloads!

Allocate/Convert your credits at the end of each surfing session. Or atleast once a week! Take advantage of tutorials and instructions provided at your manual traffic exchange. Owners are typically going to help you!

Never be scared to ask questions if you do not know something. Most traffic exchanges offer great support Follow the traffic exchanges on twitter or other forms of social media for discounts and promotions. Follow Traffic Return on Twitter

Get Referrals! Traffic exchanges are designed so you can earn credits from your referrals through 5 levels. Have 5 people working for you instead of 1.

If you have referrals! Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade. Your leaving money and traffic on the table!

Check your site links from time to time to ensure they are still working.

Add more than one site, banner and text ad. Split test your ads to see what is working!

These are a few tips and tricks you can use to get better results from your manual traffic exchanges. It is important to realize that traffic exchanges are best used when you are building your downline as it opens up the flood gates in terms of potential revenue and traffic. And remember, things do not happen overnight, continue surfing and promoting your downline and over time you will be happy you did!

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Submitted on October 31, 2011