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Does It Really Matter How We Approach Others Online

by Alice Coaxum Author

You decided for some reason or another that internet marketing is the career for you. You want to work from home and make lots of money. So much money that you never need to take a 9-5 JOB again.

Is money all that a marketer should think of, earning money at any cost?

As an internet marketer you do want to make money online and offline as well if possible. Almost every day on the internet, we come across new people as well as connections we have already made online.

When it comes to our opportunity, services or products, does it really matter how we approach and treat others online if gaining a sale is the bottom line? For me it does.

Here are three things you may not want to do if you plan on being successful and not just grabbing a few sales here and there.
  1. Messaging others unsolicited in their inboxes. For many this is annoying. Why not start a mailing list where others may opt in to receive your messages?

  2. Add a full page ad in the profile or blog comments sections or on someone's wall. This is not the way to gain a customer. It makes you look pushy because you are encroaching on the rights of another. They have the right to talk about whatever they want on their profile and blog. That could include advertising.

    Why would they want your ad on their page or in their comments section, basically stealing their traffic? Why not fill out your own profile properly and make your own friends and connections. You could even set up your own blog with great content and talk about whatever you like in your own space without offending anyone.

  3. Don't hype up the product, opportunity or service just to make a quick buck. Not only will many people reverse the payment but also never take your word again. More likely than not they will spread the word about you.
Be honest. If it doesn't pay or work or do like you said it would it can be a bad reflection on you. Never lie and say you have personally tried something that you haven't.

Never bring someone into an opportunity that you already figured out is horrible. Guess what? They will figure it out too. Your reputation is easy to damage and hard to repair so guard it with care. That rhymed, but it's true.

While being an ethical marketer will not gain you riches overnight it can set you on the path to gaining all that you desire and more.

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Alice Coaxum is a happily married homeschooling mother of four. She is an internet marketer and PLR writer at http://shopforplr.com and the owner of http://wordpressblogginghelp.com Where you can find 60 step by step videos that will help you to operate Wordpress and also http://getbacklinkstoday.com where you can find a video course dedicated to helping you get quality backlinks to your website..

Submitted on November 15, 2011