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Easy Ways To Make Money Online

by Harold Kurt Author

Let me be totally upfront about this: the easiest way to make money in the online or offline world is to already have money. However, truly easy ways to make money online cost considerably less than in the brick and mortar world. If you don't have some amount of money to invest, then you have to trade your time as your stake in any investment opportunity. When most people speak of "easy money," they mean methods that will produce revenue with relatively little work involved--something we call "passive income."

We're going to present several relatively easy ways to generate revenue using the Internet that will depend upon the amount of money and/or time that you have to dedicate to your endeavor.

Easy Ways to Make Money Online: Options

Option 1: High Investment of Money; Low Investment of Time
Compare existing websites or businesses that are for sale. A colleague of mine bought an online retail store for less than $3000.00, including substantial inventory that nearly equaled the value of the sale price. The original owner was retiring, and his greatest interest was selling his local, brick and mortar business, so he was willing to bargain. However, operating an online retail store means tracking inventory, packing and shipping orders and dealing with customer service. In other words, although operating the business did not require a great deal of time--usually just a couple hours per day--it was not generating truly passive income.

A better choice is to purchase an existing website for which the revenue streams come from advertising or affiliate marketing, making the operation much easier. Such websites will typically be sold at a cost of one to two years worth of profit. Before making such a purchase, be certain that you can verify costs and revenues through an objective third party. Furthermore, look at the revenue trends that are reported in the data. Some websites promote products that are in vogue for a short period of time. You do not want to buy a passive business if a fad has passed and your revenues plummet. Look for trends that are relatively steady or even increasing.

To find such investment opportunities, you can search "website for sale" and/or open a free account at one of the website auction sites such as Flippa.com. Delay any decision to buy until you have had an opportunity to learn what similar sites have cost other purchasers.

Option 2: Lower Monetary Investment; Medium Investment of Time
New investment opportunities, such as the franchise or MLM company like the new Zib Zoom search engine and related enterprises are arising in the online world all the time as the Internet matures and evolves. They offer several levels of involvement. One, keyword ownership, requires only a short time and a potentially small amount of cash upfront. On the other hand, for a slightly larger investment of time and money, the potential for building income increases. In other words, these sorts of opportunities give you a set of choices in terms of how much time and money you want to invest for an opportunity of ever-increasing income.

Option 3: Very Little Money; High Investment of Time
Build your own empire. Much of the time spent in developing your very own websites from scratch is spent in learning about Internet marketing. This option has a high learning curve, but you need to remember that you are exchanging your time in order to substitute it for investment money. One cautionary note: much of the information that you need to increase your knowledge is available for free via many online sources. You just have to look for them using search engines. Conceivably your costs could be limited to your domain registration costs (approximately $10 per year per domain) and your hosting costs (as little as $5 per month if purchased in an annual contract).

As is the case with so many things, the middle option (option 2) may be the best alternative for you in your quest to find easy ways to make money online. The buy-in cost is very low, and the amount of time you spend is entirely up to you. If you have no money to invest at this point, your best option might be to work just a few hours for money to set aside so that you can afford this very modest investment, which most people can already easily afford.

Whether you are looking for retirement income, funds to pay for education for your children, just make life easier by bringing in some extra cash each month or you hope replace the income from your current job (over a period of time), one of these options may well work for you. It simply takes some combination of investment money and your time. You might not think that all of these options fall into your definition of easy ways to make money online, but at least one of them should meet your needs.

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Submitted on January 28, 2011