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How To Promote Your Site On Social Bookmarking Sites

by Christian Nilsson Author

There is one thing that all of us are working for: more traffic! We try to create good content on our site, create informative articles and useful blog posts and would like more people to see them. We want traffic, we want people read what we have put so much work in to. One way to get that traffic is by promoting our content on social bookmarking sites, but it only works if you do it correctly. Below are some useful tips to help you generate more visitors from social bookmarking sites.
  1. Excellent content. This is probably the most important point. The better your content is, the more likely it is that users will share your content on social bookmarking sites.

  2. Choose an engaging title. Less people will click and read your article if the title is boring. Try to think of an interesting title that tells people how they will benefit from reading your article.

  3. Pick relevant keywords. If you want your article to be found it's crucial to first know what people are searching for. Good keywords will make sure that your intended audience finds your content more easily.

  4. Reinforce the title with a descriptive summary. Most social networking sites lets you add a short summary or description of the link. Use this description to get people to actually click the link after the title has caught their attention.

  5. Be an active user. Become friends with the users on social bookmarking sites and build a relationship with them. If you are an active user your friends can help you promote your links by voting and commenting on them.

  6. Add social bookmarking icons to your site. Adding icons at the bottom of every post to the most common social bookmarking sites makes it a lot easier for people to share your article with others.

  7. Add more links in your content. You could, for example, put links on the bottom of your blog posts to other related posts on your blog. This will increase the traffic to your site and make sure that users stay on your blog for a longer period of time.
Always keep in mind that your goal should always be to create content that is useful to other people. If the content you create is informative and helpful, people will share it, which will help you bring more visitors to your web site. If you follow the steps above, it will become much easier to gain more quality traffic from social bookmarking sites.

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Submitted on February 24, 2011