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Network marketing the easiest way to make money

by John Champion Author

Now although there are a lot of skeptics out there it is true that network marketing is the easiest way to make or create a passive income for yourself. Now why is this? Why do millionaires say that network marketing is the easiest way to make a passive income? Because of 2 things…

1. Low start up costs
2. The system is in place already, you just need to duplicate it!

Both Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump dedicated a whole chapter to network marketing in there book, why we want you to be rich. In fact Robert Kiyosaki goes one to call it the perfect business and Donald Trump stated that if he was starting out all over again he would do it with a network marketing company

Robert Allen calls it “The Ultimate Money Making Machine.”

Now although network marketing has been around for a long time it is only recently with the power of the internet have we seen its true potential with people selling across the world to over billions of people. The fact that these millionaires have backed this business model speaks for itself.
Are you Tough Enough?

Now although the business model is simple and easily duplicated, there is a lot to learn and many people, 95% of network marketers fail…Now why is that? Well it is for a number of reasons really,

The think they will be millionaires over night without any work? But where in any world do you know of a business that requires now setting up? No self educating. Doctors and lawyers just didn’t wake up one day and have all their knowledge. They had to study for it. The same is for network marketing, if you don’t know marketing how are you going to market?

They don’t believe in themselves. This is very common and people can get discouraged early on when first starting out. Anybody can do this, you just have to be willing to put a little effort into it! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your empire. Once you have the belief and show it, people will start looking to you as a leader and seek your advice. Thus creating a ripple effect with attracting more and more people to you! Network marketing challenges you to face what is probably your biggest fear: rejection. The people who are making the big bucks had to face a lot of rejection along the way to get to where they are. If you aren’t willing to face your fears and grow as an individual, you might as well stop reading.

Mike Dillard States…This isn’t hard to do, you just can’t give up! If you don’t know who Mike Dillard is, he is a guy who went from waiting tables to making 8 figures a year. Because he believed in himself and he never ever gave up! Many top network and internet marketers are where they are today because they made a choice, a choice to succeed at all costs and now they live a life debt free and stress free with all the freedom they desire!

One thing I have learnt from all of this is that you grow as a person; I am a stronger and more motivated person today that I was 18months ago. I follow through on my actions and thoughts where as in the past I didn’t.

Have you ever wanted to do something but hesitated and then never followed through with it? Have you ever set goals but never made the action plan to achieve those goals?

I use to do that many times and as much as I can kick myself I can only learn from it. Network marketing you learn to become a leader as well as a team player. Something a J.O.B doesn’t show you! Well most jobs out there.

Now my statistics might be a little out but there are a little over 20,000 people in the U.S alone making over a million dollars a year in network marketing! And let’s not forget that there is a lot of passive income involved there.

The passive component of network marketing is in the power of leveraging. As your business grows, the efforts of your work will be multiplied as more and more people help you to make money. Starting out can be slow, but if you are persistent, your business will explode like a volcano. I have seen people achieve six figure incomes on only a few months online. This is down to the fact the success breeds success, so by me helping you become successful I will become successful!

Even though the possibilities are endless, it’s still a business and you have to treat it that way to make money. Successful network marketers keep strict business hours dedicated to building their business. So in order to make you stand out from the crowd you need to learn to brand YOU..Brand Yourself! People buy from those they know like and trust so building relationships is vital in generating a substantial income online.

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Submitted on February 7, 2011