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Producing Immediate Results with Traffic Exchanges

by Jesse Grant Author

Many people turn to manual traffic exchanges to get website traffic to their sites and offers with the hope that within 24 hours they are going to see dramatic results. This is unlikely the case as with any marketing it will take time to learn about the traffic source and what is working within that traffic source, there are many variables that can decide your success when marketing on traffic exchanges. For the most part the more you surf within the traffic exchange community the more visibility and branding you are creating for your site or product.

More visibility and branding inturn results in more leads and sales, so you should be working on you branding yourself or your product within manual traffic exchanges. You also need to take into consideration that people are only viewing your promotions for a limited time so you should get straight to the point and make that user take your desired action whether that be clicking something or entering their email. And remember if you are correctly branding yourself/product within the exchanges and you go a week without a sale or lead you are still making progress because as time goes prospects will be more likely to signup for your offer the more they see it.

Some Traffic Exchange Tips:
  • Brand yourself or your Product
  • Stick with a Game plan
  • Surf 4-5 Exchanges in Tabs to earn credits faster
  • Surf Less & Earn More
  • Duplicate your Sites and Banners
  • Make Sure you have a Logo
  • Unique domain names will help your Branding
  • Do not try to promote too much stuff!
  • Build your Traffic Exchange Downlines to earn more credits!
  • Make the most from Traffic Exchanges
  • Use Spash Pages on Traffic Exchanges
Remember the key within traffic exchanges is branding and being persistant. The saying "Persistance pays off" is certainly true when it comes to manual traffic exchanges as it takes some time to build momentum but once that momentum builds you will be well on your way to becoming your own boss. Ofcourse, by using some of the tips and tricks above you can reach your goals much quicker!

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Submitted on October 31, 2011