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Top Home Based Businesses 2011 - Objection Tips

by Samson Williams Author

When you get to the position of actually running your Home Based Business, you are going to start having conversations and actually start doing mini presentations of your business. People are going to want to know more to see if they can identify themselves with your opportunity. Here are some tips to keep you sharp on your toes.

Know your company
Once you finally find a company to work with, learn the ends and outs of your new home based business. You don't have to go read every little tech aspect of it, but you are going to want to at least know the most frequently asked questions, and keep a list of them. Also as you continue moving forward you will start to hear new questions about the company come up, add them to the list. This will give you very detailed information that will assist you will making an intelligent decision. Once you start marketing your business, you will already have the answers to their questions. You can assist people on the spot, which will increase your closing ratio, meaning more sales, which means more money.

Know your product
Make sure you know all about your product and actually make sure to be a product of the product. The best way to know about any product is to actually use it. You don't want to just endorse anything out there. Don,t try to sell something that you would not buy. You have to have some passion in what you are selling, and make it your business to remember some testimonies from other consultants in your business. Post some the testimonials on your site or blog. Use these tips when you are in your social media networks like (myspace, facebook).

Know your Compensation Plan
You have to know how you get paid. You wouldn't start a job and not know exactly how much you get paid. So make sure you know how to explain your new compensation plan. When you go shopping, you would buy from the guy who knows about his product, than someone who wants you to buy but can't explain it. This is also another good checkpoint to start adding all the questions you can come up with about your comp plan, and make a list to always refer back to.

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Submitted on October 27, 2011