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Using Safelists to Promote Traffic Exchanges

by Jesse Grant Author

A mailing list that is intended to promote a web site, services and other business opportunities is called a safelist. It may be a free or a paid safelist and the members have an agreement to exchange advertising emails from each member. Promoting on safelists is much different than promoting on traffic exchanges as user will have to open the emails to even have a chance at seeing your website, this is why the subject and body of your email are very important.

Safelist providers usually offer two types of mail lists, the simple mailer and the credit based mailer. With the simple mailer you are allowed to send your advertisements to all members every month or every day free of charge. Even without credits left, you can still send your mail. But this does not guarantee clicks as your ads and mailings can get a very low percentage chance of being actually read. Most of the members and recipients are not interested in buying but their focus is in sending out their own respective mails. But if you make use of Safelists properly you can get tons of leads and free signups to your programs!

With the credit based mailer, sending out your email ads is dependent on your number of credits. One credit is equal to one email. It can yield better results as compared to simple mailer because your recipient gets an incentive upon viewing your advertisement. Since you have the same goal which is having your ads seen and viewed, you can help each other in doing that. The credit based mailer guarantees better results and once they get into your mailing list you can introduce them to your business or programs.

Using safelists to promote traffic exchanges is great because you can provide value to the members as they are likely looking for ways to obtain more traffic, leads and money online. The key to get more clicks and conversion is not just to present your e-mail ads, there must be something in it for them if they read your ads. Your first objective should be to create good subject lines so the members open your email, after this the goal shifts to making your email copy good enough they will engage and click on your links within the email. Keep in mind what the person reading through the emails in their inbox is thinking, what is there mindset? If you can think likewise to how the member is thinking you can certainly capture their attention and get their clicks!

Safelists can be a very effective marketing practice if used correctly and can certainly be used even more effectively if you are already in a work online niche, promoting manual traffic exchanges, other safelists and referral based programs. If you are trying to sell shoes or clothing online then you should turn your marketing efforts to another form of media as safelists are not going to produce great results for you!

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Submitted on October 31, 2011