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Using Traffic Exchanges To Their Maximum

by Sean Supplee Author

When it comes to using traffic exchanges there are a few key words that either make or break it. First and for most you should be tracking your traffic from these exchanges to find out if it is even worth using.

You will want to track how many hits/visitors you are getting from the exchange per day along with any conversions that come from it.

The best pages to use in any traffic exchange are you own splash and squeeze pages. By using your own creations they look new and capture attention. Ever notice whenever you do something or see something over and over again you just get used to it and kind of forget it even existed? Same applies here with traffic exchanges. As your splash or squeeze page gets seen over and over again if it did not grab their attention the first few times its more then likely not going to later on.

Change it up and keep it fresh and be sure to track those conversions.

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Submitted on February 23, 2011