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You have to think do I really need this?

by Peter Michalowski Author

Every person that has a business out there is using different tactics to get people to join or buy their latest or greatest gimmick, product or service. You know what you can afford. But you must ask yourself some questions.

Will this really help me? #1 My Health? #2 My Retirement? #3 How Long will it take? #4 Are they debt free? #5 Do they manufacture their own products? #6 How many middle men are involved? #7 Is this in great demand? #8 Is this affordable for everyone? #9 Do they ship direct to my customers? #10 Do they have a good reputation?

I could keep going on but the point is don't join or buy into their trap of making you spend all your hard earned money on worthless junk that you can not make a profit. Stay in your budget! Write out your goals and then break them down into smaller ones, this is a must for everybody.

I look at what they have to offer and it has to help my health. Because if your health is failing you will not perform at your best at all times. Then I look at will it make me enough money to retire comfortably and how will I get paid. Was it easy to understand. Is it in great demand. Is the company going to be here forever. Do I really need this?

You want to make sure that if you join or buy what they have to offer. You can afford it and that it is going to allow you to pay yourself back for the product or service. You do not want keep digging into your own pocket every month. The worst thing to do is keep spending.

Look for people that have experienced the product or service and ask them about it? Then ask them why they did not stay with the product or service? Chances are the product or service was not worth the time or effort and they did not make enough money to keep them in business.

You must do your own research on the company you are thinking of joining. Read everything it will give you a clue if this is profitable or not. If it sounds too good to be true then it is.

© Peter Michalowski, All rights reserved.

Submitted on February 9, 2011