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Thank you very much for my start page of yesterday. I've had over 100 direct referrals signup to my site just from this campaign!
Kindest regards,
Lisa Bieber (pinkcustard)

This is by far the most responsive exchange on the internet. You do what you say. I advertise EH4U and you give me referrals. More people on line any time of the day than elsewhere. Do Not surf alone.
Mary Bird Foxybird

#1 as usual! Thank you for your years of service and the many hits to my sites! I also would like to thank you for the $1 prize for one of my surf drawing tickets...keep up the good work!
Twana Allen

I've signed up for dozens of traffic exchanges, but none come close to Eashits4u. BEST! Seriously, I have wasted countless days & weeks on other ones without getting any results.

I have consistent referral signups to my programs because of the unique views & large amounts of traffic here. Well, I've heard about how people say that traffic exchanges don't work anymore... But, PFFFFFT. I just don't believe them. Because easyhits4u definately works.. :)
Rob Davidson

I've been a member of EasyHits4u for a few years and liked it from day one. I used to surf more than 1000 sites per day sometimes. Also like that you can reward your referrals for clicking a link in the messages you send them. Now I get around 100 credits daily from my refs, how's that for free promotion?

I've been quite happy with my time at EasyHits4U, the site's name says it all! The Relmax support staff do a great job in supporting their member's requests for assistance. The only regret I have is wasting my time and money at lesser traffic providers, before finding EasyHits.

Wow!!! I just got started using this site, and with all of the great testimonies I read...I am excited to experience my results. Thanks for being user-friendly.

I just wanted to let you know that I love your site and it is great!! I am still new and learn my way around a little at a time.
Marina G Corbin

Easyhits is by far the best traffic exchange on the internet. The geo targeted feature is the best because you're not getting charged for clicks that you don't want. ALSO, I have used the splash page builder and it has brought me over 300 distributors into my incaredrugcard.com business and its still growing! THANK YOU Easyhits4u! You guys rock!

I just had to tell you thanks for adding this splash page maker to your site.
Not only am I getting sign ups for the programs I am advertising, but it has proven to be the easiest way I have found to get referrals for your site.

Thomas H. Keoppel

I have received more quality productive reps enrollments in the past 2 years, than anywhere else with EasyHits4U.
Mark Fortier

Easy Hits 4U Rocks The TE Worlds To Be #1.
I enjoy my time surfing here best cause the benifits are great the tickets the added credits the adventure of who is behind each add to connect with,and surprizes to see what you get every 25,50,etc. The free traffic and upgraded rewards are just awesome. You guys here are very responsive and quick in emails too! This my Best TE recommendation to my people and all who do any business.
Andrew Picciochi

There are several things I just love about EasyHits4U:
A) It has easy splash builder - experienced marketers will know that one should use splash pages in traffic exchanges if you want to get your message across.
B) You can connect with other users by messaging them.
C) As an upgraded member you can receive random referrals.
D) It has very good surf ratio.
Advice to existing and future members of EasyHits4U - do make your profile more informative if you haven't done that yet, don't let away the chance to tell about yourself and your business!

Hands down the best traffic exchange in the world. If your using other exchanges, your missing out. Real hits from real people. I purchased a one year premium membership and now have over 100 members in my downline, all random referrals.

It's hard to find anyone on the internet that are involved in advertising that haven't heard of this site or are already part of it. With close to 660,000 members now the traffic is guaranteed and almost 100% unique !

Plus the social aspect of the site gives you double the exposure to your ads. Connecting with people on Easyhits4U is EASY ! Once I saw this element to the site I had to set up my profile page as quick as I could and start connecting with my fellow surfers.

Advertising your EasyHits4U profile page is a fantastic way of getting people to view all of your ads in one place while being able to put a real person to the ads..

I could go on and on about this site ! Have fun everyone!
Martin Payling

Easy Hits 4U is as it suggests - Easy.
Great traffic exchange and great value with so many ways to promote your sites, plus great rotators. I would highly recommend going Premium, don't stay free. If you're not, do it now!!
Yvonne and Malcolm

EasyHits4you is the Quick and Easy Way to Drive Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic to Your Site One to One and get PAID Instantly on Every Advertising You Surf... and it's Guaranteed!

The traffic that I am receiving from the system is growing steadily and, in addition to the sale I already made, I am getting leads from which I expect to get more sales. Best Traffic Site ever seen
Thank you

Yes, EasyHits4U has gotten better. I rejoined & love it. Lots of nice usefull tools-Free. Good-LucK!!!

Thank You EasyHits4U - You have made my Internet Marketing experience so much easy by being one of the most responsive TEs online. The only rotator I use is EasyHits4U and it sure does make online advertising a lot easier. Your free Referrals help build downlines very quickly. Once again Thank You EASYHITS4U!
JoAnn Hainsworth

EasyHits4U has got the lot, you couldn't ask for any more. Is it any wonder that people are joining this site in droves. Another 324 yesterday alone. A lot of surfing can be a chore but not at EasyHits4U it really is a pleasure. The choice of days to display your ads is very innovative and is very welcome. I love this site.
Keith Darby

All I can Say is "I'm Getting Traffic To My Website Like " Crazy"!

EasyHits4u is one of my top 10 advertising sources for marketing my Business. I have been able to build my downline with ease and effectiveness! See you at the Bank!
Coach Cris

I've joined several traffic exchanges already, but this is the only one that has 1,000 or more members surfing at the same time. Quite an achievement for a TE. Easyhits4u is one of the best for me. More power Easyhits4u!! :)

After some wasted time using a lot of other traffic exchanges I now only use EasyHits4u. I am very happy with my results. I have cut the time that I spend on exchanges and now only spend about 15 minutes a day HERE. I have used EasyHits4u 2 years and wish I would have found it much sooner. When I think about my time that was wasted previously ... well, I can only smile and be grateful. Thanks for the time saving quality that is found here.
Dave-Carlson.Com - Honest information about Making Money Online

I have been an online marketer since 2005. I started out using every ad site available, until I learned over time which ones got me the best results. I now use 4 sites and one of them is Easy Hits. EH4U is a QUALITY program and I share it with everyone I know. Thanks EH4U, for keeping the integrity and making Easy Hits the quality site it is today.
Lauren Caruso

I have found EasyHits4U to be easily the most worthwhile and productive of all the TEs. This has been especially the case since I upgraded to Premium 1 1/2 years ago. I have consistently been able to acquire referrals, the number of which by far exceeds the number gained on any other TE, Listbuilder or Safelist that I regularly work with.
Devon Wiens

What is there to say? This site has it all! Bonuses, prizes and cash. If you really want to make a killing upgrade here and promote the heck out of this site (because it will pay off!) and then watch your downline grow! With over 400,000 members, at last count, you will certainly get any advertising needs met. Everything we are surfing these Traffic Exchanges for is here at this site! Great site, honest and supportive admin, who can ask for more? Here's wishing you all the success in your internet business :)
Caroline Fay

I have been with Easy hits for a relatively short time but of all of the Exchanges have found it to be the easiest and most well rounded exchange .. it is the best! I use it to promote my latest and greatest site for a real Gas co op and its getting results! Thanks Easy Hits!
John Neilson

I have been with Easy Hits 4U for a couple of years now. I started out as a free member but saw the benefits of havng a Pro Account. With the extra credits per month I am able to advertise my sites a lot more. I even have a lengthy downline. The easy splash page maker and rotator are really easy to use. There is so much information that will help you learn how to advertise your business.
I would recommend Easy Hits 4U to anyone wanting to advertise as the member base just keeps growing. It just shows you that Easy Hits 4 U is the site for everybody.
Eileen Chesney

EasyHits4U, what can I say except - what a awesome exchange. I've been with EasyHits4u for several years now and loved and still love every moment of it. If it's quality traffic you want then EasyHits4u is the way to go.
Alan Johnson, Real Business With Real Support

I just like this site the most. I have received much results with the premium membership. Hits, referrals bonuses and more. May God Bless your travels
Cliff Brown

Easy Hits 4U is the only traffic exchange that has over delivered fantastic results for my various online ventures! Every time I run a campaign with Easy Hits 4U, I get at least 1 sign-up per 1000 hits! I can't even get close to that with PPC Ads using Microsoft or Google! Easy Hits 4 U will be getting all my Ads revenue for as long as I am promoting online!!!
Best regards,
djdmc, Here's To Your Success

I have used EasyHits4u for over 3 years with incredible success! I have paid for excellent quality traffic for years and will continue using them to generate tons of leads for our business!
George Kosch, www.worldprofit.com

EasyHits4U just rocks. It's always been part of VitalViralPro and the combination of the two has been awesome - 7000+ in my EasyHits4U downline generates a LOT of free traffic. And since VitalViralPro tracks performance, I KNOW the quality of traffic is great. And with so many active members, it's FANTASTIC on traffic delivery - no other exchange comes close! Keep it up guys!
Troy Wray, owner of VitalViralPro

EasyHits4U has been a top player in the traffic exchange world for years. I have always got excellent results from my advertising. I definitely like all of the features it has. Cheers!
Tony Tezak, owner of TezakTrafficPower.com

The main reason I am raving about EasyHits4u this week is after going over my tracker results for the week. This exchange rocks, not just this week but so far for the whole month they have been unbeatable for fast traffic delivery, great click thru rates on any splash page I put in there... And the sign up rate coming from EasyHits4u is almost double the next best performing exchange on my current testing list.
Doug Pare, owner of RealHitz4u.com

EasyHits is doing a great job! Getting good results from this exchange, guys!
Paula, owner of HitSafari.com

The new design is amazing. I love it. This is a great thing to see such a massive program get a new look! Kudos
...everything you would want in a hit exchange is in this program. Pro upgrades, referral listings, ... hit delivery, 1:1 surf ratio, 'unique' cheat prevention, downline e-mailing, transfer credit options...The list goes on! EasyHits4U is such a shinning star because it showed the industry that you don't need the 'hype machine' behind you and you don't need to 'follow' the crowd.
EasyHits4U is a 100% unique program and I commend the owners on creating one of the best hit exchanges to be released in recent memory!
Jon Olson, Hit Exchange News

So much free traffic! The majority of my free traffic online comes from EasyHits4U. Because of the downline I have built I am earnings hundreds of free traffic credits on autopilot every day!
I am loving my Premium membership with EasyHits4U! This is definitely one of the very best traffic exchanges available today. The quality of traffic is very good. It is simple to refer new members and they are easily able to figure out how to use the exchange - the design is simple and effective. Congratulations on such a great website and accomplishment!
Darren Olander - GRIN Team Founder

Can testify, just joined up Premiere and it is paying off for my site and opps! Aunite's Opps go hand and hand with the 'BigEasy' Hits 4 U!

I love EasyHits4u.com because they're the best internet and traffic exchange website in the whole entire world. I get an unlimited number of visitors to my websites and affiliate websites on a daily bases. To anyone wanting to advertise there business or website online I strongly recommend EasyHits4u.com.
Christopher Hopkins, President and CEO of www.ChristopherHopkinsMarket.com

This is by far the best traffic exchange program where I've had the best results in. The leads, referrals and sign ups I have gotten from this site. I had stopped surfing for a year and I came back and I had over 1500 referrals in my downline from this site alone! Thank you for helping me in my success!

This service is the best. I tried it a month ago and got good results and lots of sign ups, tried other TE's with no results. So now I'm back for good and my site http://freemoneybank.ws is getting lots of quality traffic.
Angela Byrd

I joined up at EasyHits4u just about a week or so ago, and I just wanted to let you guys know that your site is THE best TE I've come across to date. It's just great. I get so much traffic, while my other TE sites are snoring....lol. Thanks for such a good site.
Susan Contreras

I have been using EasyHits for about a year to promote my site www.freeipod4.me.uk and can say hand on heart it has pushed my ranking up and also the number of people signing up for my free gifts has gone through the roof!!

EasyHits4U has the fastest delivery rate of any Traffic Exchange online and with its huge numbers it is a must use program for anyone to promote their site with. With a 1:1 ratio, unique anti-cheat surfing, Business social network and geo targeting, why would anyone not use this Exchange?!?!
Eric Goettman, owner of http://www.tophits4u.com

Fantastic TE, have been a member over a year now and I don't know any other TE that can send as much traffic to my site, as Easy Hits. Will remain a member as long as I'm marketing online.
Paul Beamon

I've actually used many traffic exchange sites, both autosurf and manual surf. I switched to EasyHits4U as they actually deliver hits. EasyHits4U is really easy to use. They have a friendly website layout. Navigation is really simple and more importantly, it delivers.

I love EasyHits4u.com! I'm so successful with using this website to drive traffic to my affiliate websites. They are the real deal when it comes to advertising online. I recommend easyhits4u.com to everyone starting an online business...
Christopher Hopkins

Your site is awesome, I am getting referrals to my site just by buying the credits, keep up the good work.
Jonathan Reid

EasyHits4u is Great! I've been paid money and traffic now the last five years and I have nothing to point on - the service and quality is superb. Today I have a downline of 7600 and growing! I recommend the Premium package to get the most out of your membership at EH4U.
Kim-Ivan Pedersen

Great to be a premium member of the site. I no longer use any other traffic exchange sites simply because I don't need to. Your site delivers everything i need. That's why i continue to surf and purchase.

As the owner of www.hitcrusader.com I utilize EasyHits4U to promote each campaign. I have always gotten sign-ups for each promotion ran on this AWESOME site. Keep up the great work.
Charles Garner

I'm new to this site, but I'm very pleased with my experience here so far! I definitely plan on using this site more often to promote my own forum, Chatting Time. I went on there just now to find that I already have 6 guests on there! This place is awesome and I'm so glad it's free and you don't actually need paypal! I would recommend this site to anybody! :D
Ashley Grabowski

EasyHits4U helped us promote our business website. Without them, we could not continue developing new scripts and programs on our website. We would recommend EasyHits4U to all web masters, business people as well as companies.
Oh, thank you so much for country targeting option!!! In 24 hours, i got my 4 new clients and I earned more than 230 dollars. Thank you so much for this! There isn't a word to thank you for this. Your user forever
Boris Kremenovic

Forget the rest, this is the best. This is the only traffic exchange I can never keep up with the traffic it sends me and 99% of the traffic is unique. It took me straight to no 1 on Google within 2 days... Well worth paying to go Premium.
Martin Holden

This TE rocks!!! I have been using this site for awhile and have gotten great results.
Marilyn Beverly

EasyHit4U is #1 for me! I have seen results as a free member that help me to determine upgrading could only be better. Thank you for being true to what you say, You can help with getting traffic to one's site... Great Job!
Deborah Barton-Birden

I have been using Easyhits4u for a few years now. When I want to start a Major Marketing Campaign I start with Easy Hits. Time and time again I have had success. I surf a lot but I can always pick up a few thousand credits for a few dollars too.
James at Ablazewithtraffic.com

Easy Hits 4 U is the 'only' place I turn to when I need quick traffic to my new sites. I'm yet to find any other solution that comes any close to EH4U. Kudos guys. :)
Sumit Menon

You guys at EasyHits4U rock - awesome looking site and very reliable surf program - some excellent traffic options at very cheap prices and upgrading is definitely recommended for anyone looking for hands-free traffic - with free listing in the Link Directory and Article Submissions and the ability to use the Splash Page Builder this just adds even more value for members and I for one am most grateful to the owners here for investing quality time and dedication to making this site the choice of almost 200,000 members worldwide
Mike Larter

In my opinion this is the best traffic site online. I have been paid three times already and never had any hassles what so ever. Great for traffic as well as making a little extra each month. This is the real deal and I would recommend this to anyone trying to make a little extra money or looking for traffic. Thank You Easyhits4u

It is the best site for a quality traffic! I've been using it for a long time and my page views on my site just were increasing! And the upgrade is awesome too!
Alex H

Easyhits4u is by far the best TE. I have been a member for close to 3 years. I love the reward for surfing. Always a super fast payout. Easyhits4u rocks!

This is the greatest TE in the world! My sales and sign ups have exploded.
Sonia Boyd

Easy hits 4u is The Best!! I love the new Splash page creator. The Combination of your awesome splash page creator and Your 15-20 timer gets me awesome results. According to my tracking i am seeing better results from Easy hits 4 U than any other traffic exchange. In the last month i received 67 referrals from Easy hits 4 u. versus the others that i have seen only 20 referrals this month. Thanks Easy Hits 4 U for providing a great Traffic Exchange
Lisa Corvino

Easy Hits 4u is The Best!! I just launched my new site and EasyHits brings more traffic for my website without which it is impossible to bring at launch. FANTASTIC on traffic delivery! Keep it up guys!

I'm so glad I found this TE. I just started promoting my website on Feb 22, 2010. In less than 1 hour I had 3 referrals. I've been promoting the same website for months and only got 1 referral from using 3 other TE's combined. Thanks Easy Hits 4 u. Here's to a long partnership!

I am astonished at the outstanding amounts of traffic I get from EasyHits4U! I tried all the other major traffic exchanges, and none of them came anywhere close to EasyHits4U!!! Thank you EasyHits4U for being so awesome!

I simply come back to EasyHits4U because of results and timer. 30 seconds - excellent, 40 second timer - even better!

EasyHits4U has really good service if you are comparing it to other similar services on the web. They give a fair trade of traffic and does it with a clean and user-friendly inteface. Sign up with this service and you'll get what you are looking for!

As I have been trying all over with traffic to my site, I have no luck but as soon I link my website to you Guys Hulaaa! traffic after traffic. Keep up the good work.
Finau Taufalele

I think this IS the best one out here. Amazing results no matter what I promote.

We just completed our first week of membership and EasyHits4U more than exceeded expectations. It's our first experience with Traffic Exchanges and I don't think we could've chose a better site. Another thing that shouldn't be overlooked is their attention to detail. Their customer service responds very quickly to your questions and concerns. Thanks a bunch!
Kevin Timothy

EasyHits4u consistently outperforms every other traffic exchange I use. I'm in the network marketing & direct sales biz, which is not the easiest to advertise on exchanges, but it's not a problem here: EasyHits4u delivers.
Dr. Mark Worthen

Three years and growing, I have used Easyhits4u.com and it ALWAYS sells eveyone else short when it comes to instant hit's and website traffic! Heck even with over 5000 followers on twitter, I STILL get more hits per second with Easyhits4u.com...enough said.
And those folks love signing up at my newest Twitter Ads site because they know REAL folks are about!
Easyhits4u.com....it's the way to advertise outside of text ad exchanges :)
To Your Health & Wealth!
Glen Persson, Founder Of: Your Twitter Ads

I really appreciate your website, it is clean looking with a total fresh futuristic look. Best of all it doesn't have that "busy" look all cluttered with jump out color and type. Just wished more web masters got the hint, slow and easy can do the job.
Harvey Akeson, Tucson — Free Airline Tickets

I am getting so much free traffic, what a surprise! The majority of my free traffic online comes from EasyHits4U, both ways; receiving traffic and sending referrals here. Because of the downline I have built, as a Premium member, with EasyHits4U's incredible promotional material, I earn hundreds of free traffic credits on autopilot every day! EasyHit4U is one of the best traffic exchanges because I can count on great bonuses, excellent traffic, and bottom line, I get results from the traffic. Congratulations on such a great website and accomplishment!
Monika Tuttle, owner of Leader EXchange.net

Getting the word out is vital these days. Making it easy to reach thousands is cornerstone in the business word today. Thank you so much EasyHits4U for making advertising a little easier for us all.
Nathaniel Jones

EasyHits4U Delivers Targeted Leads! EasyHits4U has a lot of targeted users waiting to be in your LIST! Signup today!
Putra Muzhafar

I really enjoy surfing on your site for a new-bee grate surfing to earn some cash and grate info on business or just fun.
John Hancock

If you're searching for the best traffic exchange look no further: The friendly support, the system's stability, the reliability of unique hits, the great banner options, the unique splash page maker, you can even earn money for doing nothing but surfing...
Do I have to continue? Join EasyHits4U - you won't regret it.
Georg from TrafficMomentum.com

EasyHits4U is by far my favorite traffic exchange! Not only you get 1:1 ratio as a free member, you also get paid cash for surfing and referring. It's also the most professional traffic exchange I've ever seen, from features (such as geotargeting) to website and splash page design. Did I mention it delivers 24 hour unique traffic? You just can't beat that.

Easyhits4u is great and I have joined this traffic program when it launched and from that time I understood that it will boom the traffic exchange market.
Fakrul Alam

Having fun, surfing, meeting new people, learning, promoting your sites, earning... What more can you ask for with just one site? Thanks Easyhits4u! Now, I'm gonna post my third payment in my blog soon!

When I first joined EasyHits4u, I didn't think I would get any traffic from it. But then, as I searched the site I found out I could get TONS of traffic and all I had to do was surf. I ended up getting 100+ more traffic then I usually did. I am very satisfied with EasyHits4u! Thanks!
Josh - Yobilo.tk CEO

The very best in the business! Easyhits4u delivers what it says - tons of traffic. If you want real 1:1 traffic exchange and don't like getting ripped off this is the right place!!

Easyhits4u is my first T.E. and by far the best, you get reward for your surfing, they're always adding new things to the site which makes it even better, come on a try it.

I just love EasyHits4U.com, it's such great site. The new prize page is fantastic! I know exactly when I'll win a prize, even though I don't know what prize it will be (I love a mystery). Being able to geo target is great for my products and services. It works really well. I know my sites get seen on EasyHits4U. If you're not a member yet, you should be! 136,000+ members can't be wrong! Thanks EasyHits4U!
Melinda McAfee

Easyhits4u is the real deal! I have begun to get hits from my referrals and it's increasing more everyday. I'm so glad I joined and intend on adding more people with their online traffic needs
Joe Starr - Creative Director/Executive Producer

EasyHit4U is one of the best traffic exchanges because I can count on great bonuses, excellent traffic, and bottom line, I get results from the traffic. I surf EasyHit4U everyday. Thank you for maintaining a great advertising resource.
Joe Sansoucie

I love EasyHits4u, the moment I got my account I immediately starting seeing results. I get the traffic I need daily and the best part is I can actually see where my traffic is coming from. They give real hits and real visitors to your site. EasyHits4U is my favorite traffic exchange, I love the variety of ways they give to you to allow real traffic to your site.
Lorna Darden

Yours is a top-notch program. The traffic exchange is great, but I've bought traffic from you in the past for one of my sites and was very pleased with the service. This is one of the most professional hit exchanges on the net. Keep up the great work.
Tom Busch, FreeAdsPlanet.com

This is by far the best Traffic Generator I have used! The Traffic produced by surfing your system is really great. I will be writing a page for our website about the positive results from your service.
M.J. Seymour

I've been a member of EasyHits4U for about 4 months now, and out of all the traffic exchange I'm a member of they have out done them all. My traffic has increased, but more importantly my leads and conversions have gone up on my website. Thank You EasyHits4U.
Chris Rohrer

EasyHits4U is a great traffic exchange as they out do all other traffic exchanges and the best part about it is...it's Free! It offers everything that you could want in a traffic exchange. You will notice your traffic increases almost immediately. With EasyHits4U you will not only receive a lot of new traffic to your site but many bonuses as well, something that you will not be guaranteed to receive even with a paid traffic exchange site. I highly recommend becoming a member of EasyHits4U, you will definitely be glad you did.

Well, it's my first day at the site and I am quite overwhelmed. The way I am 'forced' to view all the sites, gives me the guarantee that my site will also be definitely viewed. Besides there are incentives like CASH, bonuses, geo-targetting, flexible options and incomparable help system. In other words, EasyHits4U is what it is can be an ideal traffic exchange site. Kudos
Kedar, Indians, Click to earn

I use Easy Hits 4U as an integral part of my online efforts. It seems the surfers here are of a particular mindset that gets me more clicks than other sites. Whether the site rotator or banner impressions, I always get more click throughs here than all the other exchanges. Thanks!

Easy Hits 4U is great! I get more traffic than I ever imagined I would. The site is so easy easy to navigate and surf and the hits I get in return have helped a great deal!
Lisa Miller

I've tried a lot of traffic exchanges, This one gives me actual results! The free membership is great, but the upgraded membership really helped me push my business.

I've been using EasyHits4U to promote and drive targeted traffic to Generic Website. This is an important component of our overall traffic generation.

After a long and painful scracthing time on the internet marketing, I can say: that's it..I have finally found the site for real advertising and real results. Thank you for being so efficient.
Dr. Gunes Ermumcu Illing, MD, PhD

Easyhits4u continues to deliver on all of its promises to me as a member! I have been paid several times over and developed downlines on many sites including Easyhits4u! I would highly recommend this site to anyone who wants real, quality results.

I literally spend hundreds of dollars per month on advertising of all types. The TE industry is good in two ways (high membership numbers and responsive membership). Usually sites have one or the other. easyhits4u seems to accomplish both. And the real steal??? 5.95 for 1,000 credits? Go Ahead and find a better deal elsewhere. When ya find it, let me know. Tom

This is one of my top TE's, ya'll have to join EasyHits4U to get tons of traffic to your sites! I also get lots of extras from this TE! Great Job, keep it up!
Randy, Candles Lotions and More

I'm blown away how easy EasyHits4U is to use and the 1:1 ratio is awesome. I'm really glad I found this site and recommend it to anyone.
Mike Whalen (Pensacola, FL)

EasyHits4u allows for directed traffic to my site. This exchange is unbelieveable for fast traffic delivery. Additionally, I get great click through rates and I recommend easyhits4u.com to everyone. Simon Hahessy

This is a wonderful traffic exchange that have achieved all my objectives regarding traffic to my website and is such a wonderful traffic exchange for any one to gain traffic to their site.
John Ruditis

I heartily recommend EasyHits4u for its simplicity and results-oriented service as it presents my ads for my books and businesses with options for timed presentation.
Rob Joseph, author of the Everywhere Book Series

A friend recently introduced me to your site. You've covered ALL the bases and I love the bonuses. Great job and I'm thrilled to be a part of EasyHits4u!
Becca Mutz (Bella Vista, AR)

Being a member of a number of traffic exchanges, I had no idea that one could be so much better than the rest. The number of people that actually clicked through to the site or opened it in another window, more than doubled. What a large increase in sales that created. Thank you Easyhits4u.com
Rodger Henderson

As a TE owner myself, I am a member of over 40+ other TEs. I have to say that EasyHits4U is one of my favorites to visit regularly for several reasons.
EasyHits4U actually makes my surfing experience pleasant! I really enjoy surfing their clean and "easy" to navigate interface, interesting and unique surf timer and variety of business promotional opportunities.
Plus, it helps me as a small business owner to be able to purchase their affordably-priced credits packages for when I am too busy to surf! Of course, it is also a bonus that they have so many members. It's great to be able to come and advertise my businesses in one single place with such a huge audience.
I know I have had many new members for my own TE that have come from EasyHits4U. So I always make EasyHits4U a regular part of my surf-advertising routine.
Claudia Beck

It has been and continues to be the best traffic exchange ever! Easyhits4u continues to deliver on all of its promises to me as a member! I have been paid several times over and developed down-lines on many sites including Easyhits4u! I would highly recommend this site to anyone who wants real,quality results.
Steve O'Brien.

I just wanted to add my praises of your site. I have not been a member for long, but I have been getting a regular stream of hits to my business site. Thanks and keep up the good work.
John Priestley, AllNetworkers Team

Thanks EasyHits4U for the integrity on which this Traffic Exchange is run. I always feel that I am getting the most out of my surfing efforts here. I am always stunned by the rate that people join this exchange. Keep up the good work.

EasyHits4U is easy and fun to use. The tools and ease of use make it a MUST for everyone! You get so much more than just a traffic exchange!
Sandy Carlson, The WebCash System

I am amazed that there is a great and cheap advertising system as easyhits4u.com. I am very happy to know about it and use it, it's like an addiction.
Antoun Toubia

This is an awesome website and I'm so glad I joined. I tried other websites before this one and this is the best. EasyHits4u has a better exchange program. There are so many traffic exchange sites that have 5:1 exchange program and take way too long to get any visits to your site. Another great thing about this site is that you don't get tons of weird adverts begging you to become a Premium member... I am very glad I joined this site and I suggest joining to anyone looking for traffic.

I love the design of EasyHits4U website, and especially the Splash pages.
I am currently promoting them on 13 other exchanges. As a matter of fact, I was so hooked on surfing EasyHits4U that I bought a TE of my own.
Jim Dodge

EasyHits4u is by far one of the cleanest traffic exchanges on the net. I'm a member of quite a few traffic exchanges and few compare with the look, feel and best of all professionalism I enjoy here.
I've gotten to be too busy to surf as much as I used to when I started out but I make it a part of my daily routine to check in with EasyHits4u. This one is #1 on my list.
Al White

EasyHits4U is very easy to use, simple and great way to promote your website. Its also so easy to surf and gives you such control over your advertising. I love it!
I tried many but I think it is the best!

I joined Easyhits4u about 4 years ago... Now I came back and found it totally changed and easy to use, I LOVE IT NOW and click the right words to get traffic to my sites. Hope those reading this will join and upgrade for max results.
Richard Lukenbachr

Thank You all at EasyHits4U for all the fast and free traffic. This TE is one of the best there with good click through rate, bonuses and conversions. It is one of my favorites.
Tanny Lahav, Free Internet Home Business Ideas

I use Easyhits4U mainly to display my banner. The click ratio is average, but the bounce rate according to Google Analytics is amazingly low, even though my site isn't really targeting the typical "traffic exchange audience". I also like the 1:1 + money surf ratio, it's not easy to find as good. Well, great exchange.

For Easy and convenient surfing Easyhits4u is the ideal choice to market your products.

I'd just like to tell you that I LOVE your new design. It really drew me in, and I will be signing up shortly for monthly membership. (thanks for having a subscription! I Like paying on autopilot, especially when the price is reasonable). Great job on the geo-targetting too, can't wait to use it.
Lawrence Tenuta, AAAffiliate.com (Canada)

I joined a week ago, and I find this site very user friendly and easy to use. I like that I can choose which day to receive my hits from, and all the prizes. Thank you!
Stian Jensen

EasyHits is doing a great job. I will rank EasyHits no.1 traffic exchange. It's helping me to get traffic from all over the world. Keep it up

I joined this wonderful traffic exchange recently and I have achieved all my objectives regarding traffic to my website and also effective sales of the programs that I am promoting. Truly, a wonderful traffic exchange.

I have tried many sites promising to draw traffic to your site but all of them failed. But when i tried out this site, difference came to my site. Their promises are real.

There are a lot of exchanges out there yes. But there is only ONE that I keep as my homepage and always will. EasyHits4U offers a system unlike any others. I love the fast way I can purchase credits and apply them. No waiting. I don't ever have time to surf anywhere because I run four programs myself so this is a must have tool for me. Just wish I owned it :)
Glen Persson

YES! With this site I achieved all of my goals very quickly!!! Alexander

I joined Easyhits4u yesterday and I am getting great opportunity here. I belive this is great program for everyone.

Not really big on testimonials but Easyhits deserves it. You genuinely deliver the results at a fraction of the cost for stumble clicks ..and most of the other click suppliers simply deliver a trickle and then tell you that your own metrics are at fault! Had hundreds of new hits that helps our new site stand out - so thanks for being the real deal - we will be upgrading and buying only Easyhits..cheers
Nic, foolkit.com.au

This site is really a good one, they will give your site many visitors. At the first time my blog had only 10-15 visitors per day. Well, right now after I joined EasyHits4U I get more than 50 visitors per day and this amount is increasing rapidly.

I'm just happy to find a such opportunity. I would like to build a strong downline through to get more and more earnings.

This is a very good traffic exchange. EasyHits4u has 60k + members and ranks highly in Alexa ranking. They have been #1 on TrafficHoopla for 10 weeks in a row when I joined. You start with 5 free sites to promote and you surf for credits. One nice thing about this site are the options - You can have a completely free account, upgrade to a Pro Membership for $6.95/month, or simply buy advertising straight out. It's nice to decide which you want to do.
From the exchange programs I've surfed, I found a lot of different advertisements on EasyHits4u.com. Lots of programs I'd never seen before which was refreshing. I can highly recommend this exchange simply for the options available, the different programs advertised and the inexpensive advertising. Their referral program is also top notch - Already have 3 referrals and I just posted this link 10 hours ago! Thank you!
Paul Burnette (United States)

Just would like to say that ever since I have been with Easyhits4u I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I have had absolutely no problems thus far! Whenever I have purchased credits, banner impressions etc they have always been added to my account promptly, which is a huge bonus as I have so much trust in easyhits4u's products. I get REAL traffic EVERYDAY from here and Easyhits4u does promise what they preach- an excellent service laced with a high level of quality, honesty and integrity. Well done whoever invented this! I will be a member of EasyHits4U for a very long time!:D
Cheers for such a brilliant service:)
Rob (New Zealand)

EasyHits4U deliver! And ROCK! Having my math skills honed whilst surfing is a bonus, ha! Kiwified (United States)

The new site is crisp, clear, very professional, easy to read, easy to navigate around. Stats are easy to find. Really all I can say is that, It is great, 100% better than before. Great Job.
Aussiekeith (Australia)

I LOVE easyhits4u! You look at cool websites to get hits for YOUR cool website! I love it!
Sean (United States)

I have been with EasyHits4U for nearly 2 years now. They were the 2nd TrafficExchange I ever joined. I'm a Premium member and keep upgraded by the year. It is so much cheaper that way. I have a downline that won't quit, 6 levels down. They are always improving and making things better for us, because they care about their members. Keep up the great work, and thanks.
Lorraine (United States)

This is a great place to come and get some real business.

I have been signed up with EasyHits4u for less then a month and I have received tons of visits and a great amount of sign ups to my own site! This site is really one worth joining! I also love how great the prices are for purchasing credits, this site is to me a life saver. Thanks EasyHits4U!
Riaunna Nelson

I am an active member of an even dozen traffic exchanges and normally rotate using them. In the past few months I've been using EasyHits4U more and more due to their continued improvement. But due to their VAST improvement in the past few days, i find myself using this site almost exclusively!
Ron Nap

I am a completely newbie. I have heard of traffic engines since I engaged in internet marketing. But this is the first time I really had hits to my sites. EasyHits4U is a MUST to have. It really works.

I have got more hits with EasyHits4U, than any paid promotion take my word for a better prospect.
Venoy Joseph

First of all, congratulations on doing such a wonderful job maintaining easyhits4u's top position at TrafficHoopla for 3 weeks in a row. It's simply awesome. EasyHits4u is simply the best traffic exchange with the best rate in the industry so far. You guys are great! Keep it up!

You have a great site and I am very pleased with the traffic I am receiving.

I made an account with EasyHits4U in 20 seconds, I got the eMail in 3 seconds, and the first credit in 40 seconds. In another 10 seconds I told EasyHist4U that I want to assing all my credit to my site. 60 seconds after, I got my first visit to my site. It took me longer to write this testimonial than to get measurable results.
Sergiu FUNIERU, owner of LunLunNetWork.com

I have been upgraded this months now and will continue to be for a while yet. What I really appreciate is the free bonus credits, random referrals and increased downline levels, as sum up to make a worthwhile monthly upgrade!!
Nelida (United States)

I have been getting so much more hits to my website because of EasyHits4u.. :-) Its also so easy to surf and gives you such control over your advertising. I love it!
Alex Day (United States)

After I tried all the best I "FINALLY" ended with the best
Magdi Mikhail (Canada)

I have been upgraded for a few months now and will continue to be for a while yet. What I really appreciate is the free bonus credits, random referrals and increased downline levels, as sum up to make a worthwhile monthly upgrade.
Warmest Regards,
Chrissy J - MFMO admin (United Kingdom)

I absolutely love easyhits4u, it brings me fast quality traffic, I hope you guys are around for a long time to come!! Best Wishes!!
LaVonne (United States)

I have to admit that your Traffic Exchange site is absolutely well made. Very professional design, easy to understand and very simple to use. Just want to congratulate you for that.
Congratulations for EasyHits4u!
Alex (France)

«EasyHits4U Produces Results! Period. The random referrals from the Premium Membership are fantastic. A good percentage are surfing regularly and several are referring others as well. Also, my banners get clicked and I know people are viewing my sites. Keep up the great work!»
Bill Darton (Canada)

«What a pleasant surprise it was to find myself upgraded to Premium today for having surfed 1000 sites. You guys have won me over!»
Roy Collins (United States)

This traffic exchange is AWESOME.
I can say that this traffic exchange brings better results than others.
Here is my theory of manual traffic effectiveness:
5sec timer-15% effectiveness
10sec timer-30% effectiveness
15sec timer-45% effectiveness
20sec timer-60% effectiveness
25sec timer-75% effectiveness
30sec timer-100% EFFECTIVENESS
60sec timer-200% EFFECTIVENESS
90sec timer-300% EFFECTIVENESS
Sangerus (Latvia)

I just wanted to send you guys some love and respect for your program. I am in your link directory and in your Relmax serices since becoming your member, I have also received 4 active referrals since upgrading a month ago Both I am very greatful for!!!
You site has lived upto all hype, and I am proud to be an upgraded member, keep the work folks.

I have checked both easyhits4u stats, and the stats of the site, I am sending the hits to. I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service. 95 percent of my hits were valid! Thank you!

I am so happy I joined this site I could BURST! My Referral tree is at almost 50, 22 of which are 1st level. Just wanted to thank EASYHITS for all the support and incentives to do well!

EasyHits4U is very easy to use, simple and great way to promote your website.

First of all i would like to congratulate you for the awesome job that u did. honestly. it's the BEST traffic exchange program i have ever seen: easy to use, good referral program, cheap membership options. There would be a lot of benefits to mention. Practically you covered all the major problems that other TEs encounter (and I surfed 20 or 30 at least). I hope that you keep doing this forever. In a week or so i'll have enough money to upgrade to the Premium membership for 12 months. AWESOME offer.

Thanks for a great program that I am making money from!!!!!

I love this site and I have gotten a few referals with not much of a problem getting them to sign up
Joe Wilcutt

Love the site by the way glad I joined

Your traffic exchange is priceless and I'm constantly directing friends to your site.

Keep up the good work, guys! I am going to promote EasyHits more and more!

I do appreciate your quick response. So congratulations you have just earned credits on my favor board!

Great site! The program is quite effective in driving traffic to my sites.

I spent $25 for 5,000 views and I already made that money back and more. Also, thanks for the quick replies from your support!

I wanted to drop a quick thank-you for your hard work and excellent service!

Great thats what I have to say about easyhits4u no body has this much space to put all my sites again GREAT job and I tell all my friends about you so have a great day.

EasyHits4U is the best program out there!!! You wont find a better one if you tried!

This has got to be the best, fastest & funnest way to earn traffic to your site. If your in need of traffic you have to try EasyHits4u.com.

Great site. It is easy to use, and I like that my sites were approved quickly. I will promote the site in my blogs.

This is a fun place to click and surf at. I can come on at anytime of day from anywhere and enjoy the experience....Thanks EasyHits4U!!!

Your site is the best. No more endless hours of clicking for me. I just love EasyHits4u!

EasyHits4u is fabulous! I've been paid many times & I'll definitely promote this great site to everyone unlike the other scam sites out there! Keep up the good work, stay honest & stay long Easyhits4u! You have my support all the way!

You can add your testimonial and we will post it here.

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